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Splintered bone is bone that has been broken into little sharp pieces, or has little sharp pieces breaking off of it.

Also called a comminuted fracture.

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Q: What is a splintered bone?
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Splintered or crushed bone is called?

a splintered or crushed bone is called a compression fracture.

A splintered or crushed bone?

Comminuted fracture

What is a splintered or crushed bone?

comminuted fracture

When a bone is splintered or crushed this is known as?

comminuted fracture

What is a splintered or crushed bone also called?


A splintered or crushed bone is what?

cooked poultry bones splinter as your dog eats them

What is the medical term meaning fracture in which the bone is splintered or crushed?

It is called a comminuted fracture.

How do you know if a bone splintered in a dogs belly?

your dog will thow up and beath hard

Can a malti-poo eat a pork baby back rib bone?

I wouldn't give the dog a bone like that. It splinters and will harm the dog when he swallows the splintered bone.

Can toy poodle 9 months old eat chicken bone?

No! No dogs should eat chicken bone. They do not break the way beef bones break, and splintered chicken bone can be as deadly for dogs as they sometimes are for people.

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What is a break in bone called?

Complete break in the continuity of bone or crack in bone can be termed as fracture. There are various types and pattern of fractures. It may be: Closed, open, splintered, dispaced Transverse, spiral, oblique, greenstick, compression are patterns of fracture Source:

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