What is a sport?

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December 03, 2010 11:29PM


Generally speaking, a sport is any activity or exercise people perform together or on their own for pleasure. More specifically, the term "sport" refers to such activity performed competitively according to a body of rules. Most sports are played in front of an audience in a theater or auditorium of some type be it a stadium, arena, or racetrack. These buildings have sloping rows of seats surrounding a central area for the performance of the sport whether that be a field, court, track or swimming pool. The mass popularity of sports made possible by the media has turned them into a profitable business in which players are paid millions of dollars to compete. Sports have played a major role in shaping the young by teaching them valuable life lessons such as teamwork, self-discipline, and fairness. Sports combine hard work and fun in a controlled setting and are an excellent means of developing physical and mental fitness. Boys and girls often dream of playing professionally and work diligently all through their childhood and through adolescence to master the skills of their particular sport. They do this by joining organized leagues. The work of outstanding athletes is immortalized in special institutions called halls of fame. Schools also recognize the work of exceptional student-athletes on "walls of fame" in their gymnasiums or hallways. Athletes work very hard both in practice and in competition in order to win championships in their respective sports. Most schools have physical education departments that teach care of one's own health through participation in sports and even have intramural and interscholastic programs in which students compete among themselves or against other schools. Many towns and cities have public parks and recreation centers where people can play in their free time.