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Squid eat mostly crabs,fish,and smaller squid.

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Do squids eat fish?

absolutely that is their main source of food

What is the main source of food in the food web?

primary producers are the main source of food in the food web.

What is a tiger's main food source?

their main food source is meat such as steak

What do humans use squid for?

Humans use squids for their ink and also as a food source.

What is a squids job in the ecosystem?

A squids role or job in its ecosystem is as a predator and as prey. The role when it is predator is to keep their food source at or under the carring capacity.

What are the Cheyenne Indians main source of food?

The Cheyenne's main food source is buffalo berry's.

The polar bear's main source of food is?

polar bears main source of food is fish, seabirds and sometimes reindeer

How do squids digest their food?

squids digest their food the same way fish do

What were the Makah main food sources?

The main food source is Whales

What animal was the main source food for the plains Indians?

The main source of food the plain Indians ate is buffalo.

Body's main source of energy?

The body's Main Source of Energy is the food we eat.

What is a squids main predator?

Probably large animals on the top of the food chain such as whales, dolphins and sharks.

What was the major source of food for people of the great plains?

The buffalo was the main food source.

What is France's source of wealth?

wll the main source is FOOD

What was dogrib tribe main source of food was?

their main source of food was caribou, migratory water fowl, and fresh and dried salmon.

What are living things main source of energy?

the main source of animal energy is food and sunlight

Main source of income in Canada?

the main source of income in Ontario is clothes and food :P:P:P

What are the main food source for whales?

planktonic food such as krill

What is squids favorite food?


What is the food source for a giraffe?

Plants & fruits are the main source of giraffes!

What was the Shawnee indians main food sorce?

The Shawnee Indians main food source was gardening.

Where is the habitat for both giant squids and small squids?

The habitat for both giant squids & small squids is mainly in the ocean, because that is where they get their food from, & that is where they are able to live.

What is the main source of energy for animals?


What is the main source of food for a toucan?


What is the main food source of Guatemala?


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