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What is a stack?

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The word 'stack' is a verb and a noun.

  • The verb to 'stack' is to place one thing on top of

    another to form a pile; to direct aircraft to circle a landing area

    waiting to land; to arrange cards, facts, or circumstances that

    will result in an outcome is overwhelmingly likely; a word for an


  • The noun 'stack' is a word for a pile of neatly arranged

    things; a word for a quantity of hay or straw piled for future use;

    a word for a chimney on a factory, or a vertical exhaust pipe on a

    vehicle; a word for an area of a library in which most of the books

    are shelved; a word for a thing.

In computer science (or computer technology or computer

programming) a stack is a data structure (how multiple

pieces of data are stored internally) so that information is

entered into a stack by a computer program and when retrieved, the

most recent item put into the stack is the next item to be removed.

This kind of stack is also called a push down stack or a

Last in First out (LIFO) structure. This is different from a

queue where information is retrieved in the order that it

was stored, also know as a First in First out (FIFO)


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