What is a sterilizer?

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A steriliser is something that destroys microorganisms in or on something, usually by bringing to a high temperature with steam, dry heat, or boiling liquid.

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Q: What is a sterilizer?
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What is the function of sterilizer?

To kill bacteria

How do you use a bottle sterilizer?

A bottle sterilizer utilizes steam, rather than the older method of boiling water, to disinfect your child bottles and accessories. First of all, you need to wash the bottles, nipples and tops using mild soapy water and rinse thoroughly. Then place your bottle in the sterilizer according to the instruction depending on the sterilizer type.

Is burning ethanol an effective laboratory sterilizer?

Ethanol by itself is an effective sterilizer -- no burning required. The ethanol liquid will kill any germs.

Can you sterilize needles without a sterilizer?

A sterilizer is something which sterilizes, so by definition no. However, alcoholic spirits, or to a some extent extreme heat, may just about do the trick if you don't have clinical medical sterilizer. Also if you submerge the needle in spirits and lite it with a flame it will sterilize the needle.

What is a chemical ground sterilizer?

These are herbicides and other pesticides.

What is the principle involve in hot air sterilizer or oven?

dry sterilization

What is the process of sterilizing of surgical instruments with a flash sterilizer called?


How can you keep metal tools implements clean after being sterilizer?


Will a uv sterilizer kill ammonia in a fresh water tank?

UV Sterilizer will cut down on algae and parasites in the water. Dead algae will produce ammonia. So in a round-a-bout way, yes.

Could a convection oven be used as a heat sterilizer?

technically yes, but it is not reccomended.

What is the function of bottle sterilizer?

It is vital to keep your baby feed containers,bottle and accessories clean. Sterilising keep your infant against germs and illness. A Bottle sterilizer is a unit that allows you to complete this task rapidly and precisely.

What is function of bottle sterilizer?

It is vital to keep your baby feed containers,bottle and accessories clean. Sterilising keep your infant against germs and illness. A Bottle sterilizer is a unit that allows you to complete this task rapidly and precisely.

What are the main uses for hydrochloric acid?

One use, in its diluted form, is a cleaner/sterilizer.

How do you use a wilmot castle autoclave sterilizer?

my autoclave has directions attached to it. i am missing a part, though.....

How can sterilizer the blood?

Ultra violet light or filtering. You cannot put it in an autoclave without cooking it.

What is the use of bottle sterilizer?

It is very important to provide a germ-free environment to your baby thus it's equally important to take care of her feeding equipment. A bottle sterilizer will help you to clean your baby bottle in seconds and keep it germ-free to prevent from various health problems.

Why Bubbled and peeling endoscope?

Not sure what kind of scope it is or what sterilizer your using but it could either be faulty scope or your washers.

Do class b sterilizer kill prions?

Prions are only destroyed by:• incineration• autoclaving in 1N NaOH

What is a good ground sterilizer?

Many products sold for ground sterilization can be harmful. Fortunately, there are some good home remedies for making your own ground sterilizer. The easiest is boiling water. This will get rid of any weeds that you have growing, as well as pests. You can also use a mixture of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle.

How many watts does a sterilizer uses?

Look on the sterilizer's nameplate. If the wattage is not found then use this formula, Watts = Amps x Volts.

Does formaldehyde sterilize?

No. Formaldehyde is commonly used as an embalming agent. You should NEVER use formaldehyde as a sterilizer, as the chemicals are toxic to humans and animals.

Can you use nail polish remover to sterilize needles?

acetone is an effective sterilizer so if the nail polish remover has acetone yes ,check the ingredients :) Hope it helps

Where can I get a micro guard ultraviolet sterilizer light model #WC-UV-12 Bulb S8RL three prong with female plugs.? can get that for you

What are Differences between dry sterilizer and autoclave sterilizer?

Dry sterilizers are now in most countries considered junk, most health inspection agencies are requiring facilities upgrade to steam autoclaves.Stream autoclaves use the high temperature and steam pressure to kill spores and bacterial growth on all reusable equipment. To ensure the sterilizer is functioning correctly spore tests are required and in some cases must be done every month, the record of these tests must be posted and kept on file for health department inspection. Dry heat sterilizers tend to damage equipment and in most cases fail to completely kill bacterial and spore growth on the instruments .

What is a steam steriliser?

A steam steriliser (or sterilizer in the US) is a machine that uses high pressure (and extremely hot) steam to kill any microorganisms or viruses that are present on clean surgical instruments.