What is a stone canal?

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Q: What is a stone canal?
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What is the function of the stone canal in starfish?

a stone canal is my mom

What is the function of stone canal in water vascular system in see star?

the stone canal connects the madreporite to the ring canal and the ring canal allows water to flow into the radial canals, just tubes...

Where does water enter the star fish?

that's easy it goes through the sieve plate, to the stone canal, then into the ring canal , to the radial canal and out the tube feet which are also used for respiration :)

What materials were used to construct the panama canal?

Concrete, Metal, Dynamite, Stone, and Small amount of wood were used to construct the panama canal

Why was the Illinois and Michigan canal built?

The Illinois and Michigan canal connected Lake Michigan to the Mississippi River. It was used to transport grain, lumber, and stone.

What materials are used for Panama Canal?

Concrete, metal, dynamite, stone, and small amounts of wood

What has the author Ken MacLeod written?

Ken MacLeod has written: 'The stone canal' 'Dark light'

What is the objectives of stone masonry in irrigation canal?

Masonry is used to line water courses to prevent erosion of the banks.

A starfish doesn't have which organ?

It depends what you're comparing them to. Here's a list some of the parts of a starfish: radial canal ring canal stone canal stomach reproductive glands digestive glands water vasculatory system optic cushion tube feet madreporite

How does the locomotion in starfish takes place?

Sea stars move using a water vascular system. Water comes into the system via the madreporite. It is then circulated from the stone canal to the ring canal and into the radial canals.

What immigrants helped build the Erie Canal?

The Irish immigrants dug the ditch and the German stone cutters created the locks.

What were some problems that occured during the construction of the panama canal?

The were unorganized, diseases like malaria, yellow stone, and others.

Where can you purchase arabesque in Houston?

Arabesque Inspirations have two stores in Houston. Luxury Jerusalem Stone and Decor which you can find at 2339 Commerce street and Tile and Stone shop at 2324 Canal Street.

What organs used for locomotion are seen only in echinoderms?

Think of the water-vascular system. the organs are: stone canal, ring canal, radial canals, ampullae, and the madreporite plate. i had this question on my 7th grade science lab? (:

What is one canal east of the Oswego canal?

One canal east of the "Oswego Canal " is the " Fulton Canal.

Name a canal on earth?

* Panama Canal * Suez Canal * Erie Canal

Name of a man-made canal?

Panama Canal Panama Canal The Panama Canal

What is the famous canal in Egypt called?

Suez Canal...The Suez Canal

Worlds oldest canal?

The Grand Canal of China is the oldest canal. The Lingqu Canal is the oldest contour canal in the world.

What are some examples of Philippines canals?

The Canaly Canal The Super Canal The Super-Duper Canal The Rawr Canal The Why am I doing this Canal The this is a fake comment Canal

Why is the canal not a canal but sets of locks?

The dafinition of a canal is an artifitial water way,even though its not just a ditch, it is still a canal.a lock canal is a type of canal( panama canal),the other is a ditch canal( suez canal) and also be specific on what canal your talking about

Where to where does the canal flow?

Which canal?

What is the ring canal?

Its a canal :)

What is ring canal?

Its a canal :)

What is the largest canal?

the largest man made canal was the panama canal