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Please go visit your doctor or emergency room ASAP. It will not hurt to take a Benedryl, but since this is increasing to a larger area, you have something to act on RIGHT NOW.

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Why do you get an itchy rash on top of a deep bruise?

It is normal that one gets an itchy rash on top of a deep bruise. This is due to nerve cells near the bruise are reacting periodically causing an itchy rash.

Itchy red spots turn to bruise when scratch?


What should you do if you have ecxema in the form of an itchy black bruise on your back?

Just had my dermatologist check an itchy bruise on my back. She called it macular amyloidosis and did a punch biopsy to be safe. Good luck.

What is a brown itchy rash on a child's leg?

If the kid pokes at it and it hurts then it is probably a bruise, if it is not a bruise then that kid should be taken to the doctor

What is an itchy rash on inner arm started as itchy lump and spread?

could be psoriasis

What causes extremely itchy skin?

crabs, genital herpes

What gave them the very itchy and extremely red spots?


Red bruise like mark on thighs non raised and non itchy?

Are you on Elavil or its generic? The spots can be a side effect of it.

What can cause my dog to hve itchy ears and slight hair loss?

Background she has extremely itchy ears it started about a year ago and at first I thought it was a food allergy so I switched her food to something she's had before many times then she started to get bumps around her mouth and started to loose hair around her mouth then her ears started to loose hair and in the ear cannel it looks like a lot of little itty bitty blister lookin bumps please help me I want to get her better ASAP

Why do you get a very itchy rash on top of a deep bruise every time that you get one and it doesn't spread anywhere but is localized to the bruise itself?

A rash can be caused by an allergic reaction, a viral infection, exposure to a parasite, a chronic skin problem, some medicines, lotions, creams, and gels.

You have an extremely itchy rash that appears on the back of your hands only and it doesn't leave for a few months?


What is wrong when you have itchy bruises?

Bruises itch because to heal, the body causes swelling and inflammation. That can cause itchy bruises.If you got bitten by a bug or spider, the bite can cause a bruise and the bite can itch. Use a tiny bit of anti-itch cream in dabs on each one.

What is called for the skin disease that started with red itchy spots and become wounds?

necrobiosis diabeticorum

What does an itchy foot mean?

An itching right foot means a journey to familiar place. An itching left foot means a journey to strange place.

What are itchy white bumps on the elbow?

They are likely a result of dry skin. Use intensive moisturizer, and if you are extremely bothered by them see a dermatologist.

Is dandruff dangerous?

Dandruff is not dangerous, but it can lead to serious head infections. If it is red and gets extremely itchy, try seeing a dermatologist.

Who is itchy?

Itchy from Itchy & Scratchy in the Simpsons is a cartoon mouse.

What does an itchy eye mean?

what does it mean when someone has itchy eyes and itchy throat, also itchy ears?

Your white poodle has itchy red skin and smells strange sorta sicky sweet?

It sounds like your little sweet poodle needs to be checked out by your vet.

Is wool itchy?

Yes, it is itchy.

What is the name of the mouse in the simpsons?

Itchy itchy

Where does it get itchy for angels?

Angels don't get itchy.

Is Harris Tweed itchy?

Very itchy!

What could a red rash on the neck be which is extremely itchy and has several raised lumps like insect bites and appears to be spreading?

It could be an allergic reaction to something.

What are symptoms of grass allergies?

*Itchy eyes *Itchy mouth *Sneezing hives, rash, itchy skin