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This substance is called homogeneous mixture.

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What is the difference between a solution and a pure substance?

A pure substance has only one group of particles, and a solution's particles are so evenly mixed together, you can't tell them apart.

What is a Mixture in which particles are evenly mixed?

When all of a mixture's atoms, molecules, and particles are evenly mixed it is called a colloid.

What causes a substance to change its state of matter?

the lack of emulsifier (tiny particles that keep substances mixed) prevents the substance to change it's state of matter

Are particles evenly mixed in a mixture?

No. A solution is a type of mixture in which particles of the two substances are easily mixed

Why are pure substance particles all the same?

A pure substance is a kind of matter which is not mixed with any other solution or substance and can't be saperated futher.

What is a mixture where the particles combine and stay evenly mixed?

If multiple substances are combined, a process called diffusion occurs; when the particles are evenly mixed, the term is uniform concentration.

In a mixture the particles are evenly mixed?

It depends on the mixture. In a homogeneous mixture such as air, salt water, or brass the particles are evenly mixed. But in a heterogeneous mixture such as mud or oily water there is an uneven distribution.

Is brass a mixture in which the particles are evenly mixed at the level of atoms or molecules?

Brass is an alloy, which is (generally) a combination of metals in a metallic matrix. In the case of brass, we see copper and zinc in combination, and these metals come together to become evenly mixed at the atomic level. That said, is brass a mixture in which the particles are evenly mixed at the level of atoms or molecules? Yes, it is.

Why does jello look like a pure substance but is really a mixture?

The components of the mixture are well mixed enough that any variations within it are microscopic or submicroscopic. because the jello looks like it has one type of substance in it but has a combination of substances and also the jello particles atract to each other and dissolve when get evenly mixed together

If a liquid with large particles is shaken until all particles are dissolved what is the new substance?

There is no new substance; it is just mixed up and all the atoms are spread out so you can't see the individual particles.

When two substances are mixed together a magnet can remove particles from a substance.?

A magnet can remove particles from a mixture but not from a chemical compound.

Similarity between true suspention and colloid solutions?

A suspension is where the particles of the solute aren't spread evenly throughout the solvent while a colloid is where two or more substances are mixed together but appear to be only one substance.

What makes coffee a pure substance?

Coffee is not a pure substance, it is a mixture, meaning it is made of two ore more pure substances that have been physically combined. Unbrewed coffee is a heterogeneous mixture or a colloid since it has large to medium sized particles that can be separated by hand. Brewed coffee is a homogeneous mixture since all the particles are evenly mixed.

What does soil have in it?

It is made up of rock and mineral particles mixed w/ organic matter.

What is the pure form of matter?

the pure form of matter only has that type of substance or element in it. No other elemnets are mixed with it.

In a mixture are particles evenly mixed?

Sometimes They are in a a homogeneous mixture such as salt water or brass but are not in a heterogeneous mixture such as mud or oily water.

Will gas have a mixture in which all substance are spread evenly throughout?

Yes, gasses can exist in one phase, homogeneously mixed or 'spreaded'

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