What is a substitute for cooking oil?

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In baking, you can substitute apple sauce for most of the oil. For sauteing, you can use butter, but it may burn. For frying you have to use oil
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What is a cooking substitute for an egg?

Substituting eggs is tricky because eggs play different functionsin foods: emulsifying, enriching, adding structure when baking.Consider the recipe and whether the yolk or the whites are moreimportant. If baking a cake, it's probably the white (forstructure), and you may need to add additional bakin ( Full Answer )

What can you substitute for caraway seeds when cooking?

Answer Cumin seeds would be the most common, and the two are often confused in recipes and when translating from foreign languages. The flavour would be reminiscent of curry. Other flavours substitutes would include star anise, anise, and cardamom; these are all quite strongly flavoured and you ( Full Answer )

Can you substitute olive oil for vegetable oil?

Yes, you can substitute olive oil for vegetable oil, but not for all dishes. Olive oil has a strong taste. You would probably not want to use olive oil in most Indian cooking and definitely not in baking. Make sure that the taste of olive oil is compatible with your other ingredients.

Cooking substitute for port?

Port is a Spanish /Portuguese wine That is much sweeter than most other red wines. For this reason Port can enpart a "sweetness" to a dish that a red table wine cannot. Port "reductions" are found in a lot of dessert applications... I would say an adequate substitute for port used for cooking would ( Full Answer )

Can I substitute vegetable oil for margarine?

To replace one cup of margarine one may use 1 cup shortening plus 1/2 teaspoon salt OR 1 cup butter OR 7/8 cup vegetable oil plus 1/2 teaspoon salt OR 7/8 cup lard plus 1/2 teaspoon salt.

What is cooking oil?

Typically olive oil or vegetable oil, depending on what you are cooking. If you are baking, it would be vegetable oil. If you are sauteeing, it could be either one. Olive oil has more flavor.

What can you substitute for oil?

The proper substitute for oil depends on what is being baked. Melted butter and melted lard are two possibilities.

Can you substitute any oil for fork oil?

NO. With the wrong oil, you will blow the seals. Your local dealer will have the right oil.. Actually this answer is WRONG! You can use synthetic ATF oil as a substitute, and in the opinion of lots of ppl who have done this substitute, it IMPROVED their ride! Go for it, if you dont like the ride, d ( Full Answer )

Allergic to tomato what can be a substitute for cooking?

Tomatillos (or "Husk Tomatoes") can often be substituted for tomatoes. They are actually tropical berries and entirely unrelated to tomatoes, so your allergies shouldn't be triggered by them; do not confuse them with green tomatoes, however, which are exactly as advertised: green tomatoes. For tom ( Full Answer )

Is there a substitute for beer when cooking?

Quick Substitution for beer include chicken broth, beef broth, mushroom broth, white grape juice, ginger ale. Additional Information about Alcohol in Cooking. There are a vast number of wonderful recipes which use some form of alcohol as an ingredient in sauces, marinades or as a main flavor in ( Full Answer )

Substitute for white cooking wine?

Depending on the dish being served, many different other liquids can be used as a substitute for cooking wine. (First of all, if you are using wine in recipes, if it isn't good enough to drink, then it generally shouldn't be used for cooking either.) Water can be used but as it brings no additiona ( Full Answer )

What oil can be substituted for canola oil?

Any cooking oils can be substituted for Canola Oil (Canada Oil). Canola is originally a substitute for motor oil then refined in later years for use as a food oil, substituting for corn oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil, peanut oil...etc.. Peanut, and grape seed oils are good for frying with higher sm ( Full Answer )

What can you use as a substitute for cooking sherry?

Cooking sherry is low-quality sherry with salt added. There is no reason to buy cooking sherry.. Purchase any inexpensive sherry and this will give you better control over the sodium content of your food.. For a non alcoholic substitute try a mixture of vinegar, sugar and a dash of lemon juice OR ( Full Answer )

Can peanut oil be substituted for canola oil?

Most oils used for cooking are somewhat interchangeable. In most cases you could substitute canola oil for peanut oil. You could also use olive oil or grapeseed oil in some foods. Canola oil has most of the same properties as peanut oil, but it does take longer to cook certain foods in canola oil. ( Full Answer )

How does cooking oil affect cooking?

It keeps it from burning and sticking to the pan. . Peanut oil is used for high temperature cooking. . Olive and canola oil is better for you heart, compared to other oils. . Vegatible and olive oil are also good for salad dressings.

Can you substitute olive oil for vegetable oil for cooking?

A qualified YES, if you are cooking vegetables, meat etc - things that the taste of olive oil won't interfere with. However, in sweets - cakes etc. the taste of the olive oil is too overpowering, so I wouldn't recommend it.

What is the substitute for wine in cooking?

nothing, coz the wine is not necessary for cooking we do not use it as muslims . real Grape juice or sparkling grape juice. Or you can blender some grapes on your own

Can peanut oil be substituted for cooking oil?

Yes, peanut oil is a type of cooking oil. In fact in most cases peanut oil is the preferred type of cooking oil. It is generally considered healthier than most alternatives. It also has a much higher smoke point allowing for cooking in higher temperatures. Source- Division Manager for cooking oil f ( Full Answer )

Is there a substitute for soybean oil?

Any other vegetable oil can be substituted for soybean oil, as long as the different flavors of different oils are taken into consideration.

Can you substitute applesauce for oil in cupcakes?

Yes, you can. 1 cup of applesauce can replace 1 cup of oil. (For best results, replace either the oil or the eggs in a baking recipe with a fat-free substitute, but not both.)

What can you substitute for olive oil?

any other oil will be fine ; so like canola oil, rice oil, peanut ect. you can also use margerine or butter. hope that helped

How much butter to substitute cooking oil?

If the cooking oil is given in grams (or a weight measure), it's the same weight. If it's given in mils (or a liquid measure), melt the butter and use the same amount.

Can you substitute cooking ingredients?

Sure. You have to be a little sensible about it... salt isn't a particularly good substitute for sugar... but if the ingredients you're substituting are reasonably similar, it could work.

How do you substitute Krill oil for fish oil?

Now, it's true-fish and fish oil are fantastic sources of omega-3 fatty acids, but they don't always work for everyone. The other day I saw a patient who was frustrated because she just couldn't find a fish oil supplement that didn't give her gas or a lousy aftertaste. This isn't common for everyone ( Full Answer )

When baking can you substitute vegetable oil for cooking oil?

"Cooking oil" is actually a broad term for purified fat derived from plants which is normally liquid at room temperature. "Vegetable oil," when used to label a cooking oil product may refer to a specific oil like rapeseed oil or to a blend of different oils. Not all vegetable oils are edible - some ( Full Answer )

Can you substitute olive oil for vegetable oil when cooking stir fry?

It's not a great substitution for stir fries, primarily because olive oil has a lower smoking point than vegetable oil, meaning it will begin smoking a lot before the pan would be as hot as you'd require it to be for a stir fry. The second reason is that olive oil has a distinctive taste which is pr ( Full Answer )

What is a good substitute for eggs in cooking?

There's no single solution that fits all needs. Eggs perform different functions in different recipes. As a general rule, the fewer eggs a recipe calls for, the easier they will be to substitute. Also consider how the substitute will affect the overall taste of the finished dish. Bananas, for exampl ( Full Answer )

Can you substitute coconut oil for vegetable oil?

It depends on the recipe. If the recipe requires a large proportion of vegetable oil and you're hoping to substitute it with coconut oil it is not a good idea since coconut oil has a distinctive taste which will overpower the whole dish. Generally, it is a good idea to substitute vegetable oil with ( Full Answer )