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The suction line connects the evaporator outlet and the compressor intlet. Low pressure refrigerator vapour is drawn from the evaporator to the compressor through this line.

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Q: What is a suction line on an Air Conditioner?
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What indicates a problem while inspecting a suction line of an air conditioner?

"What" on the suction line of an air conditioner indicates a problem?

How should an air conditioner suction line feel to the touch?

A suction line is usually cold to the touch.

Should air conditioner suction line be cool to the touch?

Yes It should be cold and sweatting

What can cause freezing in suction of an air conditioner?


How do you tell the suction line in central air conditioning from the high side line?

The suction line will be the larger line going into the compressor.

Ere is the low port for recharging air conditioner on 1989 Chevrolet Caprice?

You always use the largest a/c line to re-charge the system..It is the "suction side" The small line is the high pressure line.

What is the discharge line on an air conditioner?

Discharge line is the line in which the refrigerant passes through after being discharged by the compressor. Liquid line is the line located after the condenser, following refrigeration cycle. Suction line is the one that the referigerant is sucked :) in, to enter the compressor.

What is the fan speed relationship to suction pressure?

for a given air conditioner: the faster the condenser (outdoor) fan the lower the suction pressure. the faster the evaporator (indoor) fan the higher the suction pressure.

Where is the air conditioner low side port on a 2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser?

It is on the suction line, down near the compressor. It is between the radiator fan and the engine, lower front, passenger side.

Where is the drain line for AC 2001 F150?

The 2001 Ford F1 50 air-conditioner drain line, can be found on the bottom of the air conditioner compressor. The drain line is a rubber hose.

What kind of air conditioner should I put in a nursery?

Any air conditioner will do, but a quiet one is best. Consider GE's quiet air conditioner line, as they shouldn't wake infants.

Why does my air conditioner freeze?

there's a leak in the refrigerant line

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