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Sounds like a homework assignment to me... I don't usually do people's homework for them but if I were being asked the above questions I'd probably recommend UNIX.

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Q: What is a suitable operating system for scientific calculation multimedia development and networking and what reasons support and identify requirement on OS?
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Which operating system is one of the best option for i. networking ii. multimedia iii. publication Justify?

Windows XP, It has all feature of networking, Multimedia and Publication.

Is the lg chocolate touch a smartphone?

No, but it does qualify as a 3G multimedia and social networking phone.

What is the goal of Multimedia technology?

Is to provide a comprehensive coverage of principles of multimedia communications, including leading algorithms for various applications. Enabling media processing and networking technologies are rust introduced.

Is networking better of software development?

Off course networking play an important role in the process of software development. In software development the connectivity between the front end and back end is done with the help of networking in software development. Due to its related framework it is important to do connectivity properly otherwise some real time module can be malfunctioned.

What has the author Khalid Sayood written?

Khalid Sayood has written: 'Lossless Compression Handbook (Communications, Networking and Multimedia) (Communications, Networking and Multimedia)' 'Introduction to data compression' -- subject(s): Coding theory, Data compression (Telecommunication) 'Understanding Circuits'

Why do networking components need more examination from an information security perspective than from an systems development perspective?

Networking components need more examination from an information security perspective than from a systems development perspective because networking subsystems are often the focal point of attacks against the system.

What is global networking?

A global network refers to the interconnection of people and companies across the world. The Global Networking team is in charge of the network design, development, construction, and operation that connects our data centers to our clients.

How is the development of networking concepts crucial to the development of the internet?

without networking concepts, or the sharing of information, the internet would not be of use. the internet is a network of computers integrated and constantly uploading new information all the time. Take this for example, how i'm answering this question. If computers weren't networking 24/7 you wouldn't be seeing my answer right now.

What schools offer computer networking classes?

Computer networking classes are taught at nearly every community college and public university. This type of class is a crucial requirement for an array of degrees pertaining to information technologies.

You dont like programming but im interested in computer filed which course in of 1 year in computer?

go to hardware and networking side or elso go to multimedia side...........

What current ptogram funds the research and development of cutting-edge networking and wireless technologies?


What current program funds the research and development of cutting edge networking and wireless technologies?

Web 2.0

What does the information systems certificate training cover?

The information systems certificate covers all kinds of networking basics. It is a requirement for most jobs in that catergory.

Importance of networking?

You can have access to opportunities that you would not be able to find on your own by networking. Your network has the potential to supply you with insight into many disciplines, as well as information on what potential employers look for and professional guidance. A single contact might get you into meetings or interviews with numerous companies without you having to work to develop contacts at each one if you are prepared to form and maintain the relationship. Knowing how to use networking successfully can save you time, effort, and worry, making it a valuable tool for your professional advancement. Networking can be advantageous in three ways: 1. The importance of networking in the workplace 2. The importance of networking for career development 3. The importance of networking while job searching

A client requires a networking device that is capable of expansion to accommodate growing network demands What characteristic must this device have to meet this requirement?

modular physical configuration

How multimedia can be used for fashion industry?

. "The Online Great Migration" -NY Times People all around the world have migrated to the Internet. Fashion has also migrated to the Internet. Social Networking sites have taken over our lives. They are a New Way of Communication. SOCIAL Online Fashion Magazine Videos Magazine Photo shoots Multimedia is used to develop ideas into finished products to great corporations and fashion industries. Multimedia Reigns Andrea Tramontan "Fresh Trash" A Much Greater Audience Andrea Tramontan has been influenced by the multimedia that runs our world. She created her Fashion line "Fresh Trash" with the inspiration of technology and multimedia such as our phones and computers. Multimedia has given everyone the opportunity to increase their promotion to the public. Found Everywhere Promotion

Meaning of immersive multimedia in business?

This is an online experience where users are able to immerse in virtual worlds. Some examples include social networking sites and "Second Life" where you can start your own world and meet people.

What are the key features of SkyBlog?

SkyBlog is often called the French Myspace. As such, it is used in a very similar way to Myspace by French users. It is a social networking site which allows for interactive blogging and sharing of multimedia content.

Where did Guerrino De Luca first work?

Olivetti, 1977-1988, research and development; manager of product development and sales for networking unit; Apple, 1988-1995, vice president of business marketing;

How have technological innovations affected the surety industry?

The industry is just beginning to implement automated systems to ease workload. The types of automation include computer networking, information delivery and management systems, and multimedia training tools.

What would be required to start your own computer consulting company?

The first requirement would be the kind of skills you would use, hardware, software, or networking. Another requirement would be the ability to market your company. Also the skill of dealing with people and able to fully explain your services.

What do you understand by networking how networking affects the futures global communicatio?

what are the demerits of networking ?

What is differents between HCL comnet and HCL technologies?

HCL technology deals with the application development while HCL comnet is for communication and networking....

Is it only computer can be used in networking?

No, a no. of networking elements are used in networking. some of the networking elements are : routers, switches, cables, servers etc

What is the difference between computer programming and networking?

Computer Programming also referred to as "Software Engineering" or "Software Development" is the development of software as it would suggest. Examples of software are the Operating system e.g Windows Xp and Applications e.g Mircosoft Office. In very simple terms computer programming is making programs. Computer Networking is the practice of connecting computer systems together basically. The biggest example of networking is the internet. It is also mainly hardware oriented and involves using devices such as switches, hub and routers.

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