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Q: What is a sukkah and how is it used?
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How do you decorate your Sukkah?

There are no specific requirements for decorating a sukkah.

Can you build a sukkah on a boat?

According to RAMBAM : Hilchot Sukkah Chapter 4, Section 6. You can go into a Sukkah built on a wagon or a ship even on Yom Tov.

How is a succah used?

We dwell in the Sukkah (foliage-covered booth), and have festive meals there. See Leviticus ch.23.

What are the release dates for The League - 2009 The Sukkah 3-2?

The League - 2009 The Sukkah 3-2 was released on: USA: 13 October 2011

What is a sukkah?

It is a temporary "house" that you are supposed to be in as much as you can for a week.

What materials are used to make a sukkah?

A sukkah is the structure in which Jews celebrate the holiday of Sukkot (Leviticus 23:42). The walls can be made of any sturdy material. Many permit the usage of tightly-framed cloth for the walls, while others prefer sturdier construction; and some observe the stringency of using only wood for the walls. The covering of the sukkah must be of plant-material, such as bamboo shafts, palm leaves, etc.

What is the symbolism of a Sukka in the Jewish religion?

The sukkah reminds us of God's protection in the wilderness immediately after the exodus from Egypt. The sukkah's vegetation-canopy symbolizes the Clouds of Glory in the wilderness.

How long does it take to build a sukkah?

Depends on its size, the materials used, how many people are building it, etc. Anywhere from a matter of minutes to several hours or more.

Can you buy a sukkah already made?

Yes, these are available, though some assembly is usually required. Another option is to pay a couple of guys to build your sukkah.

How do Hebrews use palm branches?

Palm Branches are used during the Autumn harvest festival of Sukkot (סוכות), to decorate the Sukkah (סוכה). They are also used in the lulav (לולב), which is a sort of "bouquet" of tree branches used during the festival as well.

What happens during Sukkot?

People sleep in the sukkah and eat a feast with blessings on sabbath!!!

What has the author Kathy Kahn written?

Kathy Kahn has written: 'Let's Build a Sukkah'

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