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What is a sundial?

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A sundial is a device that, when properly oriented, can indicate the time of day based on the direction sunlight is coming from at the time. It works by casting a shadow into a surface, usually marked with times.

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What is a sentence with the word sundial in it?

I have a sundial in the garden.The sundial were the earliest form of clocks.

What came first the wheelbarrow or the sundial?


In which year was the sundial invented?

The sundial was invented in 1747

Which way to fix sundial?

The answer depends on what is wrog with the sundial.

How do you spell a sundial noman?

The vertical pointer on a sundial is the gnomon.

Who invented the first sundial?

Theodosius of Bithynia invented the sundial.

Why is a sundial not a reliable way of telling the time?

You can't use a sundial in the night when its dark but you can tell the time using a sundial in daytime

What is midday on a sundial?

The shortest shadow on a sundial would be afternoon or Middaay

Where is the oldest sundial?

The oldest sundial is in a museum in Berlin. Approximately 1500 BCE

When does a sundial not work?

A sundial wont work at night and during Solar Eclipses

What kind of clock was invented AFTER the sundial?

the sterling silver clock was invented after the sundial

How do you touch the sundial in Pokemon X?

Just press A when your face is touching the sundial

What are the benefits of a sundial?

A sundial is no good unless the sun is shining, and a shadow is cast.

How do you set a sundial?

The sundial must be built in the area that it is to be used in so the time will be correct. Set a sundial at exactly noon with the gnomon pointing directly north.

How a sundial works?

it casts a shadow on a certain place on the sundial and were the shadow casts is the time

What logo has a man standing on a sundial?

Rabobank has a man standing on an orange sundial or compass

What is the name of the Secondary arm on a sundial?

The raised arm of a sundial that indicates the time of day by its shadow is the gnomon (NO-mon). A sundial has but one arm, what do you mean by secondary arm?

How does a sundial measure time?

A sundial measures time by the location of the sun casting a shadow on the sundial. Depending on the location of the shadow and it's length, you can estimate the time of day.

Would your sundial read the same time as another sundial 100 miles directly north of you?

yes, as long as its on the same line of longitude you can use the same sundial

Who invented the first Chinese sundial?

Your Mom and me did it so we made you and asians who then went on to make the sundial

When was the first sundial invented?

The first sundial was invented in 609 BCE by the Neo-Babylonian Empire.

When was Sundial Bridge at Turtle Bay created?

Sundial Bridge at Turtle Bay was created in 2004.

What are the limitations of the sundial?

A sundial is no good unless the sun is shining strongly enough to cast a shadow.

What two practical disadvantages of sundials compared with clocks?

A sundial doesn't work at night A sundial doesn't work when the sun is hidden - by clouds, buildings, etc. A sundial only works at the latitude it is designed for - a sundial built for Ecuador woudl not be accurate in New Zealand.

Does the angle of a sundial change the time?

A sundial has to be positioned correctly in order to give you a good estimate of the time.