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No Spark when primary circuit is functional. jb

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Q: What is a symptom of a bad spark-plug coil?
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What causes Vw golf III to misfire?

Bad coil packs Bad wires Failed sparkplug Suspect coil pack first. Bad fuel injector

How do you change a bad coil on a 2003 Ford Expedition?

Remove engine cover, determine which coil is bad or better yet replace them all. Remove the electrical connection from ignition coil, remove 7/32 bolt from coil (be careful not to drop),pull coil from top of sparkplug and remove.

Where is the coil located on a Renault megane?

there are 4 coils each coil is mounted on top of the sparkplug,it plugs onto the top of each individual sparkplug, there is a connection at the top of the coil which must be unpluged first,then coil is pulled upwards.perhaps only one needs to be replaced but which one?i had a coil problem before,the engine did not run smoothly and the emmissions warning light came on. i rang the Renault dealer,explained the symptom,the receptionist told me the problem was with the coils,i called over they had it fixed in less than 10 minutes

Why does your 1989 Kawasaki jetski engine turn over but no spark coming out of the spark plugs?

Bad sparkplug or Wire. Or worse, bad coil pack or bad CDI or ignition or kill switch.

What could be the problem if you get an obd2 code of po307 cylinder 7 misfire detected on a 2000 Chevy silverado?

this could be a bad plugwire or sparkplug or a bad coil for cylinder 7.

What is the coil pack on a 1997 Toyota Tercel CE?

All engines that use a coil pack are pretty much the same. One end of the sparkplug wire connects to sparkplug, the other to the coil pack. Just follow the wires.

What is a Cylinder 3 misfire P0303 1998 Kia Sportage?

This means that your engine is misfiring on cylinder #3. It is either a bad sparkplug, wire or coil.

Why would only two of the spark plugs spark on a 1995 Contour?

coil pack bad, or wires could be faulty/old should replace them, or the sparkplug itself could be bad try replacing plugs & wires and start from there

What is the wiring diagram on a 110 dirt bike coil?

whats is the wiring diagram on a 100 dirt bike coil HondaAnswerNot sure what your asking here, but without specifying what model all i can say is:CDI> IGN coil via wire(usually yellow or red)IGN coil>Ground via wire(usually green or black)And of course IGN coil>sparkplug via sparkplug LeadT

Where is the 2 coil on a 2002 ford F150 5.4L?

The # 2 coil / sparkplug / engine cylinder is on the passenger side of the engine , 2nd from the front of the engine

What is a coil pack?

Your truck has two coil packs. one on each side of the truck. I changed mine twice on my 99 expedition. I dont know the exact definition of the coil pack, but i know that they are related to the sparkplug and it's wires, and when they go bad they can cause a misfire with the sparkplugs. If you need to change them send me a message i can tell you how.

Why does my 1995 Z-28 runs perfect for 15 minutes then starts misfiring bad then dies will not start for a couple hours then the same thing happens?

The coil probably needs to be replaced. This can be a symptom of a coil on its way out.

How long do coil packs last?

depends, sometimes they can last years... sometimes they can just go bad and will need replaced. If you think you have a coil pack going out, unplug one coil pack at a time... if the car runs rougher than it was, that's not the one. if you find one that when you unplug does not worsen the case then that is the faulty coilpack / sparkplug

What are the signs of a bad coil?

A bad coil is usually a dead coil. The are generally thought of as on or off.

What is the coil pack for 2000 dodge stratus?

high voltage sending unit that sits atop each sparkplug

Can a bad coil drain the battery?

No, a bad coil will not drain the battery.

My snow blower has no spark. Why?

Either your coil is shot or your kill switch is stuck closed. If you warm it up (above freezing) and it still doesn't have spark, bet on the coil being bad or if you are lucky, the sparkplug wire is cracked and grounded. you can isolate & test the coil by removing the engine shroud, you will find one thin green or black wire going into the back of your coil, disconnecting this wire will isolate the coil from the rest of electrical system. recheck spark with the wire disconnected, if you still dont have spark you need a new coil, if now have spark it means your coil is working and either a switch or a bad wire is grounding the system.

Where are the spark plugs on a 1998 Ford Expedition XLT?

The Spark Plugs are on the cylinder head of the engine. Look for 2 or 3 inch circular modules - each is next to each injector electrical connector. Notice there are no wires - this is because each spark plug contains a coil and the coil in connected directly onto the sparkplug. Remove the coil connector for each spark plug (one at a time) and unscrew the nut holding the coil. You will have to stick a sparkplug socket with an extention in the hole to remove the sparkplug. The above answer it true only for the 5.4L. The 4.6L does have spark plug wires and 2 coil packs. My 2000 has the 4.6 and it has the coil module on top of each plug Sorry for not placing the year on my comment for the 4.6 twin coil packs, I thought it was talking of a 98, not a 2000, I believe Ford discontinued them(twin coil pack setup) in 99

Why wont my distributor receive spark from the coil on my 1973 omega Oldsmobile?

Bad coil wire, bad coil, etc...

Your 2002 ford F-150 has the service engine light on and you got it tested and it detected a misfire in clyinder 1 what could the problem be?

The coil for that cylinder is probably bad. replace it. If you have a coil pack, they run around 60 dollars and are easy to replace. I recommend replacing the sparkplug wires also when replacing the coil pack I have had a bad coil pack fry my wires. Go with motorcraft spark plugs also. The engine was designed for them and some of the other plugs run too hot

Is blacking out a bad symptom?


Where are the spark plugs located on 2001 5.4 f150?

These new Ford's have electronic ignition coils which eliminates the use of sparkplug wires. You should have 8 sparkplugs and 8 coils. These coils have plugs that go over the sparkplug. Each coil has it's own sensor which is connected to a harness and a screw that need to be removed in order to get to the sparkplug.

How do you replace sparkplug wire?

Get your new sparkplug wire kit from the parts store then disconnect the battery ground cable. Pull the coil wire off of the center connection. If you have a coil pack disconnect one wire from the coil and disconnect the other end from the spark plug. Find the new wire that matches the one you pulled and put it in place. Do one wire at a time so you don't mix up the timing. Did you check your rotor and cap? Did you check your spark plugs? Did you test your coil?

How can you diagnose which coil is bad when there is no check engine light on?

If a coil (in a coil-pack arrangement) is bad then the engine is probably misfiring on two cylinders. You can purchase plastic pliers that are designed specifically for pulling sparkplug wires while the engine is running. Start the engine, pull one plug wire from the coil pack using the plastic pliers. (don't use metal, you'll get a shock that will change your attitude) Go through the plug wires until you find one that DOESN'T make the engine run worse when you pull the wire. To verify that THAT is the bad coil, pull the OTHER wire and see if it doesn't affect the way the engine is running.

Why does your car have no spark?

Perhaps bad coil or coil pak?