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What is a tank?


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December 30, 2010 7:51PM

An armored military vehicle capable of fighting.

A tank is a large armored, tracked military vehicle, armed with a large main gun and several machine guns. It is used to attack enemy troops, vehicles, and other tanks.

After WW1, a Tank usually had one main gun that was mounted in a turret that could swivel and elevate.

Whereas, a self-propelled artillery is a tracked vehicle that had a semi-fixed gun that had limited elevation and swivel.

A tank is a large and armored military vehicle that move on treads with a large cannon and a machine gun is was slow but had many advances to make better is swivel and elevate possible

A tracked armored fighting vehicle. Tank was originally the code name for the development of a tracked, gun mounted vehicle first used in 1916 on the Somme by the British in WW1.

Storage unit for liquids such as Gas Tank or water tank.

A sleeveless item of clothing similar to a t-shirt.