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Normally a Tanker carries some liquid, mostly Oil, therefore the term "Oil Tanker".

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Q: What is a tanker's cargo?
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What do you call a large cargo ship?

They are all called cargo ships. If they carry a special kind of cargo, then they are sub-categorized into Oil: VLCC = Very Large Crude Carrier ULCC = Ultra Large Crude Carrier Transporters/Ferries: RO-RO = Roll On, Roll Off Other categories: Bulk Carriers Container ships Oil Tankers Gas Tankers Car Carrier

What kind of cargo ships are there?

A cargo ship is any vessel which is primarily used to carry cargo, goods or raw materials from port to port. There are an enormous variety of cargo ships in all shapes and sizes. They can be divided into the following categories. General cargo vessels, tankers, container ships, dry bulk carriers, mutlipurpose ships and reefers (for frozen cargo).

What are the different types of military aircraft?

Fighters, bombers, reconaissance planes, fighter-bomber fighters, tankers, torpedo bombers and cargo planes.

Why oil tankers have lesser freeboard than a general cargo ship?

Freeboard on Oil Tankers have less freeboard than General Cargo ships of similar length for several reasons, six of them being: 1. Smaller deck openings in the Upper Deck. 2. Greater sub-division by transverse and longitudinal bulkheads. 3. Density of cargo oil is less than grain cargo. 4. Much larger and better pumping arrangements on tankers to control any ingress of bilge water. 5. Permeability for an oil-filled tank is only about 5% compared to permeability of a grain cargo hold of 60-65%. Hence ingress of water in a bilged compartment will be much less. 6. Larger Transverse Metacentric Height (GMT) values for an Oil Tanker, especially for modern wide shallow draft tanker designs.

Which type of ship can carry the most cargo?

If you consider the "most cargo" to be by weight or volume then the answer would be a Supertanker. VLCC stands for Very Large Crude Carriers. These tankers can carry up to 400,000 tons of crude oil and are over 1,000ft in length.

What is a merchantmen?

A merchantman is a vessel that is non naval. This includes cargo ships, tankers and freighters. There was also an ST Merchantman tug boat that was in service from 1946 to 1962 when it was retired.

What is unique on tankers?

These ships are built expressely for the carriage of liquid cargos. The cargo compartments are called tanks instead of holds, and their internal structures is designed for this purpose. Moreover, these tanks are serviced by a system of pipes and pumps in order to load, discharge and/or shift the cargo.

What do tankers do?

Tankers transport liquids, These maybe motor vehicles or ships.

Does the navy have more planes than the air force?

navy has more fighters and the air force has more heavy aircraft (cargo,tankers,bombers,etc.) but overall the navy does have the most planes

How many Eddie Stobart Petrol Tankers are there in the world?

There are 3 Eddie Stobart Petrol Tankers but this will change to 6 when they Commision the 3 Scania Tankers that they are getting

How is oil transported?

Pipelines, Oil tankers (Ships), Oil Drums, Road Tankers.

How are oil tankers dangerous to humans?

oil tankers are dangerous to humans by the pollution of the environment

What is a Name for large merchant ships?

It depends on their purpose. Some are Tankers, they hold liquid cargo. Some are Container ships, they hold cargo that is already in steel contaners that can also be transported by rail or truck. RO-RO is a ship that is designed with a large ramp that can be lowered so that the cargo ( things that are drivable ) can be driven on and off the vessel. Bulk Cargo ships carry grain or other granular materials that can be dumped into large holds. Argosy

Why is sulfuric Acid transported in road tankers?

Why is Sulphuric Acid transported in road tankers and not by train?

What is the symbol for Knightsbridge Tankers Limited in NASDAQ?

The symbol for Knightsbridge Tankers Limited in NASDAQ is: VLCCF.

What is the symbol for Scorpio Tankers Inc in the NYSE?

The symbol for Scorpio Tankers Inc. in the NYSE is: SBNA.

What is the symbol for Teekay Tankers Ltd in the NYSE?

The symbol for Teekay Tankers Ltd. in the NYSE is: TNK.

What are the types of oils that are carried in tankers?

Any kind; tankers carry crude oil and oil products. Tankers that carry oil products are often called product carriers. Specialist tankers carry vegetable oils, sewage and water. Not all at once of course!

Who is the patron saint of infantry tankers?

There is no patron saint of infantry tankers. There are, however, patron saints of soldiers.

What are the release dates for Tankers - 1975 VG?

Tankers - 1975 VG was released on: USA: 1975

Oil tankers have guns?


What is the color of an oil tanker?

It would vary depending on who owns the tankers It would vary depending on who owns the tankers

What measure have been taken to prevent oil spills from tankers?

The government are making some Tankers, "Double Hulled"

What is the symbol for Nordic American Tankers Limited in the NYSE?

The symbol for Nordic American Tankers Limited in the NYSE is: NAT.

In what year did Knightsbridge Tankers Limited - VLCCF - have its IPO?

Knightsbridge Tankers Limited (VLCCF) had its IPO in 1997.