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The tattoo on Alyssa Milano's left wrist is the Buddhist symbol "Om." This word, used in religious and meditative chanting, refers to the universe's essence.

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What does the red star on Billie Joe's wrist stand for?

Nothing in particular. It is a very common tattoo design among punk rock musicians. He has other stars on other parts of his body and both Mike and Tre have star tattoos as well.

What does a tattoo of a star on your wrist mean?

The lesbian wrist tattoo is a very cheap uninformed cliche. When you see a tattoo on someone's wrist that does not mean they are a lesbian or bi. If you do your research, you'll find that old sailors were the first to have star tattoos on their wrists symbolizing the North Star, as many were superstitious, and saw them as a way to insure finding their way home. This evolved into a metaphor for finding their way in life. If you google "punk rock" in conjunction with wrist tattoos, you'll find another interesting story of how the wrist tattoo is used as a symbol in that culture as well. So to wrap it all up, I don't think that judging someone as gay or lesbian just because they have a wrist tattoo is appropriate. Maybe that person straight or gay just wants to express themselves and be able to cover it up with a watch when they get to work. Hope this helps! Also during the 1950's and 60's before tattoos had achieved mainstream acceptance, wrist tattoos, especially those depicting stars, were closely identified with the gay and lesbian communities. And although times have changed and the old associations have almost disappeared, it's worth being aware of the history of these tattoos before you proceed with your design. (This paragraph from

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