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Telecasters have been used throughout the years for just about every music style. Country players like the twang because it's a traditional characteristic of Country Music. Telecasters are also great chording Guitars so they are very much used in Rock Music. And when driven hard they have a great blues tone. The Tele's twang can be good for just about anything.

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Q: What is a telecaster's twangy sound good for?
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I like a twangy sound,like for country music,would a telecaster suit my needs?

Telecasters are actually the favorites of many jazz guitarists.However they're also used by many Country musicians.To get that twangy sound they match the amplifiers and use tricks like turning the volume up all the way on the guitar.

What is a twangy sound?

The twangy sound is one often associated with Bluegrass and Country music. The combination of the banjo, mandolin, slide guitar, fiddle, etc produces the classic "twang". Pure aural bliss.

What is the best electric guitar for a begineer?

Squire Telecasters are great beginner guitars. They're inexpensive, extremely playable and sound pretty good.

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What is a good electric guitar brand with a good rock sound?

Depends on the type of music you are going to play. I like Telecasters from Fender and I play Dean guitars a lot. Aria, Epiphone, Fender, Gibson, Ibanez, Rickenbacker, Yamaha et al have electric guitars to suit all genres.

How many Telecasters did Fender make in 1952?


Is a fender stratocaster good for country music?

The strat gives a dry crisp tone,so not ideal.Better if guitar has at least 1 humbucker to fatten the sound a bit,which would suit country styles. Sure, why not? However, the telecaster is more famous in classic country music for its twangy tone.

Do all Fender telecasters have bolt on necks?

Yes, infact all fenders do

What guitar does joe trohman play?

Washburn Joe Trohman Idols, and Custom Telecasters.

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Can you use telecasters for strumming?

if you like the way it sounds sure haha. there no wrong way to make music.

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What were the first guitars used in rock?

Probably Fender Telecasters and Stratocasters, because they were the first available to would be rockers.

What sound does a harmonica make?

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What kind of electric guitar did Bob Dylan play?

Stratocasters, Telecasters, A Les Paul, he played alot of electric guitars.

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What is the difference between a fender stratocastor and a squire stratocastor?

A Squire stratocaster is generally regarded as being more 'cheap'. Fenders are generally made out of more expensive materials such as wood and electronics. Fenders generally sound more smooth and clean, while Squires can be more twangy.