What is a tenant in chief?

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A tenant - in - chief was a role in the Feudal System. It was usually Norman barons or bishops. They would provide knights for the king in return for land.
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How do we deal with apt manager stealing prescription drugs from tenants we found that when he was a police officer he was arrested for stealing narcotics local police chief is not willing to assist?

If you are sure that the manager is stealing prescription drugs, meaning have proof or strong reason to believe, report him to a federal agency, namely the DEA. Tampering with prescriptions, specifically controlled substances, is a felony offense. Plus, if you were the victim file a civil suit again ( Full Answer )

What is tenant farming?

Tenant farming is where a farm owner basically leases out their farm to a "farmer" for a set price per month / year . In exchange for a percentage of the harvest for just plain cash or a combination of both. In many instances these farms may include a home and even farm equipment. These "extras" mos ( Full Answer )

How do you evict a tenant?

You will first have to give the tenant every opportunity to avoid an eviction. The process varies from state to state, though you generally have to give 3 days notice before starting an eviction. If the tenant doesn't respond to the 3 day notice, you will then have to prepare and file an unlawful de ( Full Answer )

Can one tenant sue another tenant?

Yes. As a matter of fact, anyone can sue for anything. I'm guessing that the dispute involves property damage or rent. If the dispute is a matter like this, consider small claims court. Small Claims is inexpensive and quick, and requires no attorney or legal training. Contact your local court or an ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between tenants by the entirety joint tenants and tenants in common?

Joint tenancy (joint tenants with right of survivorship) means that two or more people own a property, and when one dies, the survivor automatically owns the property with no need of probate. Each grantee on the deed takes an equal share of the property, regardless of contribution to purchase price ( Full Answer )

What is a tenant?

A tenant is someone who lives in a property in an agreement that they pay rent the property or room from a landlord.

Who are the tenants in chief?

A tenant-in-chief in a feudal society is a tenant who holds land granted by the sovereign.

When can you evict a tenant?

You can evict a tenant when the tenant breaks the lease or rentalcontract by not paying rent or lease payments. You can also evict atenant who breaks a lease by breaking rules listed on the lease.

Who is Jack tenant?

Jack Tennant is an amateur footballer currently playing at the Shepparton Beas Football Netball Club in the under 18's competition of the Goulburn Valley Football league. Weiging in at 127Kg and only 177cm tall, this makes hima dynamic and quick wingman.

Who is David tenant?

David tennant/David john Macdonald is the current 10th doctor in doctor who, he is also famous for his parts in casanova, lerners and many shakespeare plays, he has also recently stared in the performance hamlet! to find out more go on www.David-Tennant.com! or just contact me at BethanyLinnett@hot ( Full Answer )

What does a chief do?

A chief leads their people leads their people diplomatically and in warfare they are like presidents just more native examples:siiting bull ,crazy horse ,Pancho villa they lead their tribe

What are tenant farmers?

who were tenant farmers? Farmers who lost their farms, but remained on the land working for bigger landowners

When is David tenant on?

BBC3, 7:00, there is a re-run of all his Dr Who shows but, sadlly, not anymore.

What does a tenant have to do when he moves out?

I do everything I promised to do in my rental agreement; generally return the place in the same ( or better) condition as it was when I moved in, except for normal wear and tear. I check the meters, arrange for the utilities company to have my forwarding address or pay the bills up to date, arran ( Full Answer )

What does tenant mean?

A tenant is someone living on a property. They are usually a party to a lease or rental agreement.

How does a tenant evict another tenant?

If the co-tenant is on the lease only the landlord can evict him. If the "co-tenant" is actually subleasing from the tenant then that tenant is the landlord and can evict the other tenant. The Senior tenant gives the violating tenant a notice "30 day notice of tenancy expiration." If the tenant ( Full Answer )

Can tenants petition to have another tenant evicted?

Tenants have the right to complain about other tenants that are disruptive. If the landlord fails to act, then the tenants may take their complaint to the government department that that oversees Landlord Tenant disputes. This department has the authority to compell the landlord to take action if th ( Full Answer )

What is chiefing?

Chiefing is commonly used when you smoke preferably marijuana for a longer time before passing it to the next person

What are the tenants of Buddhism?

Buddhism has no tenants if the word "tenants" is taken to mean "beliefs that make up a creed." There is no Buddhist creed. It's better to think of Buddhism as a set of practices designed to ameliorate suffering. The only belief required to practice is the belief that practice might be beneficial-- ( Full Answer )

What is tenant?

A tenant is someone who rents a building, apartment, or something else, usually a building, but sometimes land.

What is the define of tenants?

In most states, a tenancy has been created if a contract has been consummated, usually by signing a lease or month-to-month rental agreement, or just by money and keys changing hands. In most cases, if a husband, for instance, pays one month's rent, a court would find that his wife is also a tenant, ( Full Answer )

What are the tenants of Christianity?

The central belief in Christianity is the trust in Jesus Christ as both Lord and Savior. A good statement of the beliefs that flow from this center is contained in the APostle's Creed. " . I believe in God the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth: . And in Jesus Christ his only Son ou ( Full Answer )

What is tenant allowance?

Normally that relates to a commercial lease and is an amount that the landlord agrees to pay or provide value's worth to help defray the cost of building out or remodeling the space for the tenant's use. It is an amount negotiated based on market conditions.

What are the right of a tenant?

Rights and obligations vary depending on where you live but they always include the right to the use and possession of the property for the duration of the life tenant's natural life.

What is the right of the tenant?

Livability means that the unit should: General rights of tenants include: The tenant has the right to expect a livable rental unit. Livability means that the unit should: . Be weather and waterproof . Have working plumbing . Provide enough hot and cold running water . Have a working heating ( Full Answer )

What are tenant workers?

The term customarily describes laborers (usally in an agricultural setting) who actually live on the same property where they are employed.

What is a Trespass by a Tenant?

A trespass by a tenant would occur if the tenant entered an area they had no right to enter such as another tenant's unit, garage or storage space.

How do you evict tenants?

Laws vary from state to state. In general, assuming the tenant has broken a provision of their lease but is still paying rent, you must give the tenant a 30 days written notice to leave, and you can then file for eviction through your local court. If they owe back rent, you can pursue eviction immed ( Full Answer )

What is tenant fraud?

Generally speaking it is a tenant who has faked records such as employment or even identity when renting. Many of these tenants use rentals for illegal purposes and often damage property.

What are the tenants of Facism?

Private ownership of industry and business remains in place,but is very restrictively controlled by the government,which usually results in lower productivity.

Can a landlord gossip about a tenant to other tenants?

Yes, landlords are people, and people gossip. It isn't appropriate and it isn't a good idea, but obviously it happens and there is no law against gossip. Gossip is simply casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being t ( Full Answer )

How do you get a tenant out of your house?

easy, just go into the house and give them a notice of days and if they dont go out create a case and then kick them out by taking their things out but not all keep 1/2 things for the replacement of the money u lost because of them and tell them u kept it for the replacement of the money I THINK

What is a statutory tenant?

Statutory tenancy means that by law one is a tenant for the property. In most states statutory tenancy occurs when the landlord hands the keys over to the tenant, allowing him to move into the property. No lease is required to be signed for this to happen. And the person remains a statutory tenant a ( Full Answer )

Can a tenant evcit a sub tenant?

Yes. The tenant should be considered the landlord of the sub-tenant. Therefore, he can evict, just like any landlord.

Can one tenant kick another tenant out?

It depends. The most common arrangement for tenants is for them to be "tenants in common," that is, equal parties to the lease. At common law, tenants in common have a duty not to infringe on the rights of the other tenants to access to the property. If one tenant kicked the other out in this arrang ( Full Answer )

What are the tenants of chivalry?

The 13 Principles of Chivalry 1. A True Knight must be a gentleman yet fails not to duty. 2. A True Knight must uphold the Dignity of Man and Woman, remembering that all are born free and equal in Dignity and Rights. 3. A True Knight's manner of living is an example to the young. 4. A True ( Full Answer )

Give examples of what the under-tenants gave to the tenants-in-chief etc...?

I believe that you're talking about a Tenancy and subletting. Subletting is the act of renting out part of or an entire apartment or home from someone who is renting the unit from the owner. Some landlords allow this while others don't. Just keep in mind that if the property owner decides to evict t ( Full Answer )

What does a tenant attorney do?

A tenant attorney is lawyer that will stand up or represent the rights of a tenant under the law. They will represent someone and protect their rights under the landlord tenants act, as well s other civil laws.

What is the tenant-in-chief in Norman England?

A person who holds lands directly from -- and therefore isanswerable to -- the pertinent prince or king is what atenant-in-chief is in Norman English culture. Specifically, a tenant holds lands directly from a nobleman orsenior clergy member. A tenant-in-chief is answerable to therelevant king or ( Full Answer )

What is tenant of equality?

One tenet of equality is that things are the same across the board.This can vary somewhat, for instance some believe equality meanssimilar opportunity, and others believe equality means a morecomplete leveling of the playing field.

Who is the tenant of Ullevi?

The tenants of Ullevi are 1995 World Championships in Athletics and2006 European Championships in Athletics venue and Gothenburgderbies in Sweden.

What are tenants in chief?

This is a "feudal" title. A "tenant-in-chief" was a person who heldhis lands under feudal land tenure directly from the king.

Is tenant a noun?

The word 'tenant' is both a verb and a noun . The noun 'tenant' is a word for someone who occupies land orproperty rented from a landlord; a word for a person. Examples: The current tenant has a two year lease. (noun) We're looking for a place we can tenant for a year. (verb)