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A political party organized as opposition to the existing parties in a two-party system.

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What is the plural of third party?

The plural of third party is third parties.

Who is eligible to be a witness for divorce document?

An unrelated, and uninterested third party.An unrelated, and uninterested third party.An unrelated, and uninterested third party.An unrelated, and uninterested third party.

What is the third party called?

what is a third party collection call

How do you write about anything as a third party?

I would be first party, you would be second party, he or she would be third party.

How do you use third party in a sentence?

Let's ask a disinterested third party. Maybe the third party will be more fun, tonight.

What party that is not a major party?

Third Party

What third political party was formed in the US?

The Green Party is a third party and was formed in the US

Are third party exemptions Froze?

Are third party exemptions froze?

What happens to third party platforms?

the third party dies down

The libertarian party is an example of what?

In politics, the Libertarian Party is an example of a third party. The Green Party and the Constitution Party are other examples of third parties.

You accepted a Third Party Check that then bounced Who is responsible the first or second party?

The third-party would contact the second-party as it was that party that received the goods or services from the third-party. The second-party would have recourse against the original issuer (first-party).

When was Third Force Party created?

Third Force Party was created in 1979.

When was Third Nationalist Party created?

Third Nationalist Party was created in 1959.

What is third party insurance?

Third Party Insurance is a Liability insurance purchased by the insured (first party) from an insurance company (second party) for protection against possible suits brought by another (third party).

Who is third party under an insurance contract?

The third party is the injured party to whom any compensation is paid

When was Third Society Party created?

Third Society Party was created in 2007-09.

What is the duration of Third Party Risk?

The duration of Third Party Risk is 1.17 hours.

What is third party content?

Third party content is just content from an extra person/party. There may be one company working on a product with a second company but then they let another company (third party) maybe put something in to. What they put in would be the third party content.

What type of minor party is the prohibition party?

Third party

Which third party is an example of a splinter party?

The Populist Party

What third party is an example of a splinter party?

The Populist party

What party stood for the third parties?

third party are those party which given service to the company of bpo through other.

Who is third party in insurance?

third party is a party except insured or insurer, who may be subjected to a loss involved with the insured

The prohibition party is an example of?

A third party.

What is third party financing?

Third party financing is when outsiders work with municipality to cover all the necessary upfront capital for a project. The third party can be a finance institution.

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