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A "through and through" gunshot wound is where the bullet enters and exits the body, generally without making contact with anything important.

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If they are normal, they would be the same as if the wound was not there at all. But there is nothing that would be normal with gunshot wound. It would depend on where the wound is and how much blood is lost.

get the shrapnel out- then cure like an ordinary gunshot wound

Gunshot wound to the head. On a medical chart this would be documented as... pt c/o GSW to head (patient complains of gunshot wound to the head). There would be other terminology to describe it. Where it entered or exited and what other trauma is present...but yeah...just...gunshot wound to the head.

I can't give you a time because I don't know how bad the gunshot wound is. I would ask your docter. And what were you doing?

Gunshot wound in the knee would help.

He moons President Johnson, in an attempt to show him the gunshot wound in his butt.

Not entirely sure why you want to know this.. But from my own limited knowledge I'd say a gunshot wound would paralyze a Dog if it damaged the animals nerves, or if the wound got a serious infection.

a self inflicted gunshot wound to the temple

Suicide. Self inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

He commited suicide. a gunshot wound to the head.

Vince dies of a gunshot wound.

very low but possible cause I've seen someone that survived a gunshot to the face.

Yes, it can even even ease the pain of a stab wound or gunshot wound.

John wilkes booth died from a gunshot wound.

yes sean taylor is dead from a gunshot wound

nothing your probably dead. nothing your probably dead.

Self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

The hospital would not know whether you have a warrant or not. However, they will probably call the police to come investigate the gunshot wound, and the police would then find out about the warrant.

that's a different word, a gunshot wound to the back would incapactate a man. the gunshot to the back incapacitated the man

He died of an accidental, self inflicted wound by gunshot.

crispus attucks died in the Boston massacre from a gunshot wound.

With almost no exceptions (grazing flesh wound, perhaps) gunshot wound is a medical emergency, and should be treated at a hospital. That does not just apply to gut, thorax or head wounds - even a .22 bullet lodged in the arm greatly increases the potential for blood poisoning or permanent nerve damage, let alone extraction of the slug. People who think gunshot wound can be adequately treated at home have seen too many cowboy movies.

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