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A transistor is an electronic component known as a semiconductor. The first practical transistor was invented in 1947 and became an alternative to vacuum tubes (valves) and relays. Early transistors were made with germanium but silicon is used almost universally in semiconductor manufacturing. A single transistor is a few millimetres wide and tall and has three terminals. It works by transferring a high resistance input to a lower resistance output. The transfer of resistance gave rise to the name trans - istor. A transistor will generate a large change in current for a given input or a large change in voltage. There are numerous ways to use them and the applications and science of the transistor can fill many books - too complex to discuss in detail in this answer. Transistors are good amplifiers and are found in radios, music equipment, video systems in their role as an amplifier. They are also very efficient switches and because they will switch from low to high, are common in binary circuits. The transistor is the basis of all digital computers. A modern CPU chip in a computer is actually made of many billions of transistors inside the integrated circuit. A typical computer will have trillions of transistors in total. For further reading, take a look for basic electronics tutorials. All of them will have detailed descriptions of the way a transistor works and demonstrate the more common applications.

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Q: What is a transistor?
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Why transistor is called transistor?

the transistor is called as transistor because there is transfer of resistance from input to output .transfer resistance so it is transistor.

What is Si transistor?

A silicon transistor is a transistor made of silicon.

What is sleep transistor?

a transistor that is not active

How does a transistor behaviour?

how does a transistor behaviour

What is a load line of transistor?

what is load line of transistor what is load line of transistor

What is the purpose of the Unijunction Transistor?

A Unijunction Transistor is a transistor that acts solely as a switch.

What are the Similar transistor for 221334 PNP transistor?

Similar to a 2N3906 PNP transistor

What are the Similar transistor for C 4131 transistor?

what is the similar transistor to ut5352?(t803800w)

What is rt in electronics?

I believe that is resistor transistor technology TTL transistor transistor logic

What is base leg of a transistor?

It depends on the transistor, you just have to look at the data sheet for the transistor.

Are Tip0ff0401 transistor synonym's to 2N3055 transistor?

no is not !

In what ways transistor can be biased?

transistor Biasing

What is the base of a transistor?

It is the middle portion of the transistor

Active region in transistor?

The active region of a transistor is when the transistor has sufficient base current to turn the transistor on and for a larger current to flow from emitter to collector. This is the region where the transistor is on and fully operating.

How do you use 'transistor' in a sentence?

I can give you several sentences.I bought a transistor radio.The transistor amplified the signal.We studied the transistor in science class.

Different between power transistor and transistor that used in small signal?

Power transistor can conduct large amount of currents through it, more than small signal transistor. power transistor has a vertical structure and small signal transistor has horizontal structure.In power transistor quasi saturation region is present which is absent in the small signal transistor. In power transistor there is a inculsion of drift layer which is not there in the small signal transistor. Power dissipation is less in power transistor and it is more in small signal transistor. b.v.polytechnic,vasai pushkar vaity.

What is darlington configuaration?

A Darlington pair uses two transistors connected to behave as a single transistor with a very high current gain (beta). Transistor-1 has its collector connected to the collector of transistor-2. Transistor-1 has its emitter connected to the base of transistor-2. The base of transistor-1 with the emitter and collector of transistor-2 is used as a single transistor.

What is equivalent transistor for c1027?

what is the equivalent transistor for c1027

Who created the transistor?

William Shockley created the transistor.

What is TTl in digital electronics?

transistor transistor logic

Where can you get a c5148 transistor?

2SC5148 C5148 TRANSISTOR Ebay

What type of transistor is a JFET?

JFET is a unijunction transistor.

About A1015 pnp transistor?

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Is active is a cutoff region of transistor?

transistor region

How can you find whether transistor are working or not?

There are transistor testers. The down side is that the transistor has to be removed from the circuit to be tested.

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