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What is a triathlon?



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Triathlon is an pastime that mixes swimming, biking, and walking in one occasion. The Olympic, or "standard" distance in triathlon is a 1500 meter swim, forty kilometer bike, and 10 kilometer run.

There are many versions of a Triathlon or multi sport event that can be executed as an individual or as a part of a team. The desk below gives an awesome assessment of the numerous forms of occasions and distances:

Enticer / Novice

Swim - less than 750m

Ride - less than 20km

Run - less than 5km


Swim - 750m

Ride - 20km

Run - 5km

Standard, Olympic or Classic

Swim - 1500m

Ride - 40km

Run - 10km

Long Course / Half Iron Distance

Swim - between 2500 and 3800m

Ride - between 80km and 120km

Run - between 20km and 30km

Iron Distance

Swim - 3800m

Ride - 180km

Run - 42km

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A multi-event race consisting of a distance swim, road bicycle stage, and running stage. The competitor with the lowest combined time wins.