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Q: What is a type of energy produced by friction?
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What form of energy is produced as friction?

Friction can produce energy in the form of heat

What energy is produced used in overcoming friction?

Mechanical energy is used, and thermal energy is produced

What friction is the type of friction produced by wheels or ball bearings?

the friction produced by objects such as wheels or ball bearings is called rolling friction

What type of energy is produced when you rub your hands together?

Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. The change in temperature produced by rubbing your hands together is called friction, and it is the conversion of chemical energy in your cells into kinetic energy (The force that makes you rub your hands together) and that kinetic energy is partially converted into thermal energy. The conversion of kinetic to thermal is called friction.

What form of energy is produced when the wheels of a car move?

Friction and kinetic energy.

What type of electricity is produced by friction?

It is static electricity.

What type of energy occurs when you hit the brakes on a bike?

i think it is kinetic energy to thermal energy.

Which type of energy is the mechanical energy of the car converted?

Most of it will be converted to heat, via friction.

How might the unwanted energy be produced by the hinges og a squeaky door?

By friction

How can thermal energy be produced?

It is produced when another type of energy is converted to heat energy

What type of energy is created by friction?

Energy wasted due to friction is converted mostly to heat.

Friction causes what type of kinetic energy?