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I believe it would be microwaves because when was the last time you heated up a tv dinner in your own microwave an got heated up from the radiation?

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What Will Absorb Beta Radiation?

Paper or foil absorbs beta ratation. The thicker it is the less radiation passes through. A detector senses how much radiation passes through and changes the production setting.

How much of the radiation from visible light waves is absorbed as the radiation passes through the atmosphere?

almost none the vast majority of visible light passes through the atmosphere.

Which passes through glass without a problem infrared or ultraviolet radiation?

infrared radiation

What occurs when the sun when is directly overhead?

Solar radiation is at its strongest when the sun is directly overhead at midday. This is the brightest and hottest time on a clear day because the sun's radiation passes through less of Earth's atmosphere when it strikes Earth perpendicularly. These effects are much less in the early morning or late afternoon when some solar radiation is blocked because it passes through more atmosphere at a greater angle.

What is formed when radiation passes through matter?

heat and friction.

How long after radiation therapy to the brain does it take the radiation to leave the body?

Patients are not radioactive and the radiation passes through the body immediately.

What form of electromagnetic radiation passes through skin but not bone?


Which cancer treatments is designed to create ions as it passes through cells and tissues?


What cancer treatments is designed to create ions as it passes through cells and tissues?


What radiation makes it through the ozone layer?

The infrared passes through ozone. UV doesn't pass ozone.

What specific property of nuclear radiation is used by the Geiger counter?

It detects the ions that are produced when radiation passes through an enclosed sample of gas.

What Forms of radiation passes most easily through the disk of the Milky Way?

infrared light

What happens to light waves that strike a transparent object?

Most of the radiation passes through the material.

Is their heat energy in light?

yes their is heat energy in light because of radiation and how the heat passes through.

Which type of radiation barely passes through a piece of paper?

Alpha radiation, due to its weight and slow speed, can barely passed through the thinnest of objects. Because of its properties, alpha radiation cannot travel far distances either.

The major portion of which form of solar radiation is absorbed as it passes through the atmosphere with only a tiny fraction of the original amount reaching the surface of the earth?

ground radiation

What happens when radiations pass through human body?

If it passes through the human body nothing. If it hits something on the way though you can get radiation sickness.

Do x-rays pass through matter more slowly than radio waves?

X-rays are a form of gamma radiation. Gamma radiation passes through human tissue with no difficulty. Gamma can only be blocked by an incredibly large mass of solid matter, such as extremely thick lead. Radio waves can be reflected or interfered with by a number of different transition metals. Radio waves have a larger range than gamma radiation because they are broadcasted from a medium rather than a source.

How does the temperature of the earth's surface affects the temperature of air above it?

Thermal energy passes from the surface of the earth to the air above it primarily through convection. Most of the radiant heat passes through the air and goes out into space, unless it is blocked by a cloud or greenhouse gases.

How heat waves travel through the ozone layer?

Heat waves do not travel through the ozone layer. Some infrared radiation passes through it, but "far infrared" does not. Ozone is a greenhouse gas.

Which serious bacterial STI passes through three distinct stages during the first of which the disease can be treated and cured with antibiotics?


What happens when a part of earth passes through the shadow cast by the moon.?

That is called a solar eclipse. The light of the sun is blocked by the moon, and the earth briefly is in the dark.

What happens in bone x rays?

In bone x rays, electrical current passes through an x-ray tube and produces a beam of ionizing radiation that passes through the bone(s) being examined. This produces a picture of the inside of the body on film.

When light passes through a window is it reflected?

Not the part that passes through.

Why light is the one responsible for seeing?

Why that is no-one knows. But we would not have evolved without eyes sensitive to the type of radiation that passes easily through the atmosphere.