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What is a unicorn with wings called?

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2011-08-09 21:55:14

Pegacorn: Unicorns with wings

- In Cantabria, northern Spain, there is a myth of a flying

Unicorn with wings on its hooves, El Alicornio, which is where the

whole Alicorn thing stems from. Alicornio may as well translate as

Alicorn, so I would say alicorn as a winged unicorn was in fact


A winged horse is a pegasus, a horned horse is a unicorn, and

a unicus is a winged and horned horse so the answer is


It is usually refered to as a Pegacorn (in the odd event it

comes up in topic) but unicus may be accepted as a term for


An alicorn (from the Latin ala [wing]+cornu [horn])

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