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What is a unicorn with wings called?

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Pegacorn: Unicorns with wings

- In Cantabria, northern Spain, there is a myth of a flying Unicorn with wings on its hooves, El Alicornio, which is where the whole Alicorn thing stems from. Alicornio may as well translate as Alicorn, so I would say alicorn as a winged unicorn was in fact correct

A winged horse is a pegasus, a horned horse is a unicorn, and a unicus is a winged and horned horse so the answer is unicus.

It is usually refered to as a Pegacorn (in the odd event it comes up in topic) but unicus may be accepted as a term for them.

An alicorn (from the Latin ala [wing]+cornu [horn])

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What is a fliing unicorn called?

A flying horse is usually called a Pegasus, but a Unicorn with wings is generally called an Alicorn!

Do unicorns fly?

No, unicorns do not have wings, winged horses are called PegausSome unicorns are depicted with both the unicorn horn and wings, Unicorn-Pegasus hybrids.

What is a horse with 2 wings and 1 horn called?

A pegises/unicorn

Does a unicorn have wings?

A Unicorn is a mythical creature, some pictures show them with wings and some without.

What do you get when you have 4500 starpoints on stardoll?

You get a unicorn and unicorn wings. Carly4325 on Stardoll

What is a unicorn with wings call?


Do unicorns have wings?

of course their magical creatures of the earth No. your basic unicorn does not come with wings.

What is the white horse without wings in the yogbox?


What is the name of a horse with both wings and horn called?

well its not a unicorn or a pegasus so maybe its something like a unisaus or a pegacorn

Can your unicorn fly after it broke its left wing?

Unicorns do not have wings.

Are winged unicorns a type of unicorn?

well if the horse has wingsand not a horn it is a pegasus and if it dosent have wings and just has a horn it is a unicorn

What is a male narwhal called?

It's called a Unicorn. I kid you not.

Do real unicorns have wings in life?

No, because there is no such thing as a real unicorn. Unicorns are usually depicted without wings.

Do all unicorns have wings?

No, only some. But Pegasus' do. Pegasus was not a unicorn.

Is a unicorn with wings called a Uni-peg?

I think the most correct name for it is alicorn or unicusHere you have an answer - What_is_a_unicorn_with_wings_called

Why do penguins have wings if they dont fly?

They use them as weapons in case of a unicorn attack.

Is pegasus a unicorn?

No, a unicorn with wings is called a Pegacorn.Pegasus: In Greek mythology, Pegasus (Pegasos) was a winged horse that was the foal of Poseidon, in his role as horse-god, and the Gorgon Medusa.That doesn't help me at all! But a Pegacorn will do, i don't no who or what Poseidon is, but its a good enough answer.

What is the name of a horse with pegasus wings and a unicorn horn?

Peggicorn as many of my friends refer to it as :)

What is a female unicorn called?

The female unicorn is typically referred to as a mare.

What does a unicorn have that horse doesn't?

Horn on it's forehead. Sometimes unicorns also have wings. Answer 2: As stated above unicorns have horns on their foreheads, some are also depicted as having a rhinoceros like horn on the nose, cloven hooves like a goat or cow, a beard on their chins, and possibly a tail more like that of a cow with a switch at the end. If an image depicts a horned unicorn with wings it is then called either a pegacorn or a unisus. ( a combination of unicorn and pegasus).

What kind of good unicorn breeding games are there?

there is one called unicorn valley ;)

What metaphor could you use for a rhino?

A rhino is a unicorn with no wings. Sorry, not that good.

What are the names of giant My Little Pony unicorns?

The ponies with wings and a unicorn horn? If so, Alicorns.

What is a male unicorn called?

A unicorn. They're made up, so there's no difference.

What is the difference between unicorn and pegasus?

An unicorn is basically a horse with a single horn in the middle of its forehead, although some sources equips it with goat like hooves and a tail like a lion's. A pegasus is a horse with wings strong enough to fly. Wings are feathered like a bird's.