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The word universe meaning all (or all as one(uni=1)) is everything around us. Impossibly big to imagine, this is all the galaxies and planets and stars ever catalogued and more.

Some people believe their are others but these ideas are bleak and uncertain. Light itself is slow comparative to its massive area so stars in just our galaxy (of which there are trillions (1,000,000,000,000s) of in the universe) are measured in distance away in light years (how far light travels in a year). A light year itself is 5 Exametres (5 quadrillion kilometres).

Might you ask me how i know this then i have no idea i am only 12.
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What is a university?

A university refers to an entire educational system. It would include undergraduate college, graduate and professional schools, research centers, administration, affiliates and so forth.

Is the University of Phoenix an accredited university?

According to their website, the University of Phoenix has beenaccredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North CentralAssociation since 1978. The NCA is the accrediting organization fora large number of schools including all of the Big Ten and most ofthe Big Twelve schools. Some of the Univ ( Full Answer )

What is the universe?

Answer One: . The universe is everything that exists. . Answer Two: . I probably cannot improve on the first answer, but perhaps I can add a little clarity and perspective. Our world is one of eight orbiting the local star we call Sol or simply, the sun. The sun orbits a spiral galaxy we ca ( Full Answer )

What is Universalism?

An understanding of the all-encompassing nature of salvation,including the belief that ultimately all will be saved.

What is in the universe?

According to current physics: 1) Matter 2) Space 3) Time Outside of the universe is devoid of any of these three things.

What is Universe?

The vast surrounding space and everything in it is called the universe. The universe includes everything that exists:- stars, planets, asteroids, comets, meteors and meteorites.

How do you get in a university?

University admissions . The process for gaining admission to a university varies from school to school. Most universities have a staff dedicated to assisting prospective students with the admission process. If you look at the web site of the university that interests you, somewhere you will see ( Full Answer )

Why there is universe?

If there wasn't a universe there wouldn't be a you. So shut up and stop complaining. Because God created one :)

What is university?

It is an institute of learning at the highest level, having a college of liberal arts and a programme of graduate studies together with several professional schools such as law, medicine and engineering. They are authorised to confer undergraduate and graduate degrees

Where in the universe are you?

The universe is the name we give to all of space. Astronomers use huge telescopes, both on Earth and in space, to measure light, x-rays, and radio waves from objects that are billions of light years away. Earth is one of the eight planets that orbit our sun. It is part of the Milky Way Galaxy, one o ( Full Answer )

How do you get into university?

complete highschool with 99% in every single class from grades 9 to12. Or wait until your considered a minority and can receive aid tobetter you life threw education. Adults appreciate education morebecause they know what its like with out higher education

Is the 'university of teneessee' a good university?

The University of Tennessee is a decent university. It was rankedby US News as the 101st best school in the US and has small classsizes that make getting a good education a little easier.

What is universality?

Universality is the quality ascribed to an entity whose existence is consistent throughout the universe. In philosophy, universalism is a doctrine or school claiming universal facts can be discovered and is therefore understood as being in opposition to relativism. When used in the context of eth ( Full Answer )

Is Boston University a reputable university?

Boston University is an accredited university with a good reputation. Whether it is "prestigious" is a matter of opinion. Most would probably not think it has as great prestige as its near neighbors, Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 2009 the Times Higher Education ( Full Answer )

Where are you in the universe?

To the best estimate, we are located on planet Earth, third planet of a ten planet solar system, rotating around a star found in the center of the Milky Way galaxy, roughly two-thirds the distance from Galactic center-point in an outwardly-swirling arm at a point where the Universe is roughly three ( Full Answer )

What a universe?

if u mean"what is the universe" then here is my answer: theuniverse is universal. If you never knew thee was a universe ofunimaginable possibilities where all things are possible does itexists and is it universal

What is a universer?

the universe is a vast place made by the big bang and God filled with galaxy, stars ,planets, and moons.

Is university the answer?

University is always the answer {if your lucky enough} You will get a job earn lots of money and might bump someone who might be your true love University Is the worlds most ravigating answers

Why are you in this universe?

I am in this universe as the other contains my anti-matter self. If I were to meet my anti-matter self, we would both annihilate immediately. Also the collective atoms that make up myself all originated in this universe. The universe contains the same number of atoms always, at least this one does. ( Full Answer )

Is peking university a good university?

Yes, it is very popular in china. Peking University (abbreviationPKU; colloquially known by the Chinese as BÄ›idà åŒ-大), is amajor Chinese research university located in Beijing, and a memberof the C9 League. For more information click on this link - PekingUniversity (abb ( Full Answer )

Is CAST University an accredited university?

Answer 1: Yes only partially and some employers do not recognize there degrees as authentic. yes and no . Answer 2: Don't let the shills confuse you about "accreditation". If you do nothing to earn the degree (and unfortunately "life experience" counts as nothing -- as does the bogus online tes ( Full Answer )

Is emory university a black university?

No, Emory University is not considered a black university in the sense that the majority of its students are not black. Only 11.6% of its graduates in 2010 were black.

Is lacrosse university a real university?

if you really wanna know then you should go to oogle, on images and type in lacrosse uni. then you will find out if it is real! i think it might be real! bye bye

Is Ashford University an accredited university?

Ashford University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association. However, they have been placed on notice by the Higher Learning Commission as of 2013.

Is Lorenz University a legitimate university?

Lorenz is a fraud -- they are a clone of Belford University that was shut down. Please see the BBB report for Belford. The International Accreditation Association for Online Education (IAAFOE) and the Accreditation Council for Distance Education (ACTDE) are bogus institutions created by Lorenz a ( Full Answer )

What is out of the universe?

The definition of "universe" is something like: All of space, all of time, and everything that occupies them. So anything that can be named or described is, by definition, in the universe. There's nothing like Truman crashing his sailboat into the wall at the boundary of everything he h ( Full Answer )

Why are you in universe and what is universe and what type of universe we are in?

1) Why we're here is answered differently by different people. So any answer I give will be biased and not agreed upon by the majority. 2) The universe is the sum of everything around us that has: a) Matter b) Space c) Time Anything with those characteristics is within our universe. 3) There ar ( Full Answer )

Is Alameda University an accredited university?

It claims accreditation. The accreditations it claims are not from any respected, reputable accrediting organization in the USA. Read about the school by clicking on the link below. Only enroll at a US college or university that is accredited by one of the following well-respected US accreditat ( Full Answer )

Is hill university a fake university?

Hill University is part of the world's largest group of diploma mills operated from Pakistan. I wouldn't say it is a fake university as it helped me and my son a lot. I had to pay for my son's degree program from Hill University, he got a job on the basis of this degree so my money was well spen ( Full Answer )

How do you get out of this universe?

At the present, there is no known way to get out of the universe. There have been speculations, but nothing that we know for sure would work, and even the speculations are considerably beyond our current technology.

Is eiilm university fake university?

GRADUATION IN ONE YEAR EIILM University EIILM University, Jorethang, Sikkim, is fully recognized and approved by University Grants Commission (UGC) vide letter no. F. 9-19/2007 (CPP-I) dated 09the May 2008 and is established under Sikkim State Legislature ACT No. 4, 2006, Government of Sikkim. ( Full Answer )

What is an universe?

Universe is a Greek word which means uni-single, and verse-spokeken sentence. Universe is a single spoken sentence.

How and when did the universe from?

It had no beginning date and no ending date. It was there at the beginning of infinity and will be at the end of infinity

Is headway university a accredited university?

Headway University has a web site that suggests a presence in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait. The web site does not state that is is accredited nor do they mention accreditation as far as can be seen. Before registering with Headway, it is worth inquiring with your local higher education or ( Full Answer )

Is Panworld university is an accredited university?

Panworld University is accredited. However, the accreditation organization does not appear to be recognized. Indeed, the organization does not appear to even have a published physical address. The university offers credit transfer from "life experience". That makes it likely that that transferring ( Full Answer )

Is McFord University an accredited university?

McFord is an accredited online university. However, be aware that the accreditation body is not a recognized one. A little reading of the accreditation body's web site suggests that the writers have limited English writing skills. One would agree that an accreditation organization that publishes po ( Full Answer )

Is University of London a legitimate university?

Assuming you mean the one that's actually in London, England... I'd say the facts that the chancellor is HRH The Princess Royal and that it was founded in 1836 are indications that it's not a fly-by-night diploma mill. (Of course, if the one you're referring to has a mailing address of, say, " ( Full Answer )

Will e-universities replace universities?

if the RUBNR improves then r- representation u- understanding b- building knowledge power n- non poverty r-responsiblety if the main core is achieved then shall the unversities change

Is monad university an approved university?

Monad University, Hapur has been established by Act No.23 of 2010 of the Government of Uttar Pradesh. This has been published in its Official Gazette on October 12, 2010. A letter of authorization from the Government of Uttar Pradesh has also been issued on dated January 11, 2011. Subsequently, Mo ( Full Answer )

What university is call as the peoples university?

Renmin University of China; RUC, also known as People's University of China is a major research university in Haidian District, Beijing,China. Its campus neighbors those of Peking University and Tsinghua University.

Is Bryson University an accredited University?

No, it is 100% fake. It is used without revealing the name on the site worryfreedegree.com so that a person can buy a usless degree without the name being advertised all over the internet. darinanderson69@yahoo.com

Is Amberton University a good university?

Amberton University is a an accredited university, and it has a100% recommendation rate according to the site below in the relatedlinks section. Of course, the thing that makes a school good is ifit is a good fit for you, so do lots of research on the school.

Where am i in the universe?

Nobody knows where you are in the universe . However,in the observable universe you are in the center.

Why do we have a universe?

No one knows. However the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle of Quantum Mechanicsprohibits there from being nothing. But that something did notnecessarily have to become a universe, it just had to be "notnothing".