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Apparently, a Guddee is a royal seat, or throne. See link.

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What does page 9 mean?

Page nine means the ninth page in the book. If you mean page nine in a specific book please ask your question again giving more details.

What does a la page mean?

on the page - at the right place in the book - à la page

What does ouvrez ร  la page mean?

"Open your book on page (number)"

How do you return a book on kindle you didnt mean to buy?

You can only return the book if you stayed on the page that you bought it from. If you leave that page, you have to keep the book.

How long of a time is one page of a flip book?

What do you mean the time? If you mean the flipping time for one page, then you can set the time by yourself. Normally 0.6 second is recommended. But if you mean how long we read a page of a flip book, that depends on different people.

What did Harry Potter feel in the books?

Which page of which book do you mean?

How do you translate paige in spanish?

If you mean 'page' in a book - pagina (pAh-khee-nah) If you mean, e.g. Sancho Panza, Don Quixote's page - page (pAHkhay)

What are the release dates for Front Page Detective - 1951 Penthouse Jungle?

Front Page Detective - 1951 Penthouse Jungle was released on: USA: 1951

Library is to book as book is to?


What does ร  la page mean in French?

"à la page" means "up to date" in French. When speaking of a book, that means "on page (number)"

What is the first page of a book called?

The title page is the first page of a book.

Who wrote jungle book movie music?

On, the Jungle Book soundtrack lists the songwriters as Richard and Robert Sherman.This web address should take you to the page that lists all the songs and lets you listen to a sample of each one:

What does the simile Her toothless smile is like a lost index page mean?

She appears like book missing the last page

Where in the book is the stone table located?

Not understanding question, do you mean what page or place?

What does idiom mean in poetry?

idiom means expression like a page in a book

In a book on the copyright page what do any letters at the start of a print line mean?

A set of letters or numbers on the copyright page generally refers to the number of the printing or edition of the book.

What is the first page in a geography book riddle?

"The table of continents" is the first page in a geography book. The actual first page of a book is the title page.

What does verso mean?

The back of a sheet of printed paper. It can also mean the left hand page of an open book

My Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets book doesn't have a number line on the publishing page what does this mean?

that means the book is fake

Who on your Lego network has the jungle adventure sticker module on their page?

I'm hamish3338 I just put my jungle adventure sticker.

What is cover page?

I'm going to assume that you (whoever asked this question) mean the cover page of a(n) book . The cover page of a book is a front page that contains an illustration of an image, either a drawing or a print out and at the end, you place your name and other information like that.

What does la pagina mean in spanish?

La página = The page (of a book/notebook/etc)

In the book tripods the white mountains on page 9 what does LECT CITY mean?


Library is to book as book is to binding copy page cover?


What is a title page of the book?

The tittle page of a book is, usually, the first page, or in the first few pages, that gives you the title of the book and who wrote it.

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