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I just bought one used from Cabelas for $280.

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Q: What is a used Charles Daly youth 20 ga shotgun serial no 3613860 worth?
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What is skb shotgun with serial s1355071 worth?

100-500 or so

I have a Francotte shotgun serial?

Tje serial number is 18959. Can you tell me what year this was made and how much it is worth?

What is the worth of Charles Daly over and under shotgun Superior Grade serial number 113000 that was made in 1984?

Without knowing the finish and current condition. 100-1000 USD

What is a Remington modell 11 shotgun serial number 373172 worth?


How old is a 16 gauge browning shotgun worth with the serial number 68578552?

Check your serial number,you have to many digits.

What is your Winchester 101 shotgun worth serial number pk261858?

Made from 1959-87

What is the value of an Ithaca double barrel shotgun serial 275898?

it is worth about 400 dollars

What is the value of a fox sterling worth shotgun serial 102890?

100-10000 is possible.

What a Charles daly pump shotgun with ducks unlimitedlogo on reciver worth?

$325 new.

How much is a Browning shotgun serial number 18647312 worth?

I would need to know what model of Browning shotgun you are asking about in order to answer your question.

How much is a Browning a 5 shotgun with serial number 9660 worth?

10-1000 usd

What is a Winchester model 12 shotgun serial number 399858 worth?

100-1000 USD