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Traps are installed at Plumbing fixtures to protect the premises and occupants from offensive and hazardous gasses. Vents are installed immediately adjacent to the traps to protect the trap from losing its water seal from the syphonic action caused by the draining water running through it. They are necessary for the plumbing system to work properly and safely. If you cannot carry the vent through the roof, some states and municipalities allow the use of an "air admittance valve", sometimes called a "johnny vent" in lieu of a vent-thru-roof. It is a small and inexpensive (plastic and rubber, under $10.) device consisting primarily of a spring loaded rubber disc which closes to pressure pushing out from within and opens to suction, which happens when the fixture is draining, or finishing the drain cycle. A trap seal loss can allow carcinogenic and flammable sewer fumes fumes to enter the home.

The use of AAV's sometimes called pro vents are illegal to use in the better plumbing codes as one would be kind of fool hardy to trut a spring and a piece of rubber to protect ones health.

Even the codes that do allow these garbage connectors do have certain requirements and restrictions.

A Vent through the roof is the best way to go and depending on weather conditions you may be required to use a 4" pipe to prevent hoarfrost

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Q: What is a venting for on drains and what if you can't go up through the roof to vent the drains?
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How are metered roof drains used?

Metered roof drains are installed on flat roof systems. Their primary purpose is to allow a small amount of water to drain through them, and allow for water to pool on a roof top. This pooling allows for the sewage treatment plants not to be overwhelmed by the rain water. The metered roof drains must be spaced 50 feet from the roof edge and 100 feet from another metered roof drain. Each metered roof drain has 4 weirs built into its body. By removing weirs you can control the amount of water that will drain. The more weirs removed the faster the roof will drain. The roof must be engineered to hold the weight of the pooling water. More information can be found on the web sites from the manufacturers of metered roof drains. Zurn, Mifab etc.

What can form when water supporting the roof of a cavern drains and the roof falls?

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Can the roof venting of a toilet be upstream of the toilet flange?

Most of the time they are. Depends on how far of course. Usually, the toilet is by the main stack so it only has to go the 12 to 16 inches to get to the drain. The main stack goes through the roof for the vent for the whole house or the bath and laundry. As long as the toilet is getting venting from somewhere, it should still flush.

Where do you install venting on porches if you have already installed soffit vents all the way around the porch?

the roof is required to have venting (size) based upon the square footage of the ceiling area

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Yes. All sunroofs both factory and aftermarket have drains because it is impractical to totally seal a roof opening.

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What is the purpose of the ventilation pipe in a plumbing system?

It allows the drains to flow freely and the stench of the sewer to be sent to the highest point in the roof. That is why p-traps are installed, so the sewer gasses go to the roof vents and not through the water in the traps.

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Is there some type of drain for the sun roof?

Yes, there are 4 drains at each corner of the sunroof which sometimes get clogged.

You have water coming in from either roof or engine compartment the carpets are wet you have checked roof drain are there any more drains in car you can check?

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What is minimum size of rain water pipes?

If it is roof drains you are talking about, this calculator may help you:

What kind of vent do you need for a shower toilet sink drains?

You can use an AAV for each of these. This prevents having to cut the roof.

What is the cost of installing venting in bathroom. Bathtub gurggles when toilet flushes or bathroom sinks runs water. I see NO venting coming out of roof anywhere at my house?

Many homes have AAV's fitted. This is a small spring loaded air valve fitted under sinks to admit air to the system. These are generally much more reliable and cheaper than puncturing your roof.

We have a GMC Envoy XUV. When it rains water leaks in the rear roof into the inside. The dealer said this is normal. They replaced the roof 5 times . . . so why is it normal?

Sometimes the drains on the roof get clogged, you may want to check them.

How to size roof drains?

By taking the square footage and the actual pitch of the roof and using a chart that will give you a 10 year frequency (average rain fall) per hr. Also a major factor is if the roof surface is for weather protection only or promenade

Difference between flat roof and pitch roof?

Flat roofs are considered as best for several climatic conditions. But as we know everything has its own cons along with pros. So, this problem arises with the flat roof too and that is ponding of water. This issue mainly arises in the snowfall and rainy season. Here we came up with some tips that definitely protect you from the trouble. And hence weakening of the roof's membrane. Clean the existing drains: Sometimes rather than taking much tension about the matter just you have to clean the choked drains. Freeing up drains with the debris not only you are guarding your roof but also your drainage system. Cleaned pipes allow the melting snow on your roof to be wiped along with the water.

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How do you know your roof vent pipe is clogged?

You can tell if the roof vent pipe is clogged by watching for slow drains. If air is unable to help force water out of the system, the water will naturally want to remain in position.