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What is a verbal sentence dealing with in math?

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Verbal Sentence is just putting an equation into words. For Example: R=(a-b) (cubed) The sentence: The difference of a-b cubed is equal to R.

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Z-19 34 as a verbal sentence?

The equation z-19 time 34 is a verbal sentence. This a math problem.

5x plus 7 18 as a verbal sentence?

The equation 5x plus 7 times 18 is know as a verbal sentence. This is a math problem.

X squard -9 27 as a verbal sentence?

The equation x square -9 times 27 is a verbal sentence. This is a math problem.

What is a verbal sentence?

A sentence consisting of a verb and a doer is called a verbal sentence

Definition of verbal phrase in math?

go to the google to fine verbal phrases

What is figures in math?

usually figures in math is dealing with a diagram in a text book or numbers dealing with money

Is juxtapose is dealing with math?


What is a sport dealing with math?

There are tons of sports dealing with math. Soccer, Football, Softball, basicly anything with numbers

A verbal is?

a verb form such as a participle that does not act as a verb in the sentence.

Why is math used for banks?

Math is necessary when dealing with money.

What is the meaning of verbal expressions in Algebra?

a verbal expressions is a math questions .for example 8+6

What is a verbal model as in a math term?

A verbal model is an expression that uses words instead of numbers

What is the North Carolina laws on verbal agreements dealing with drive ways?

Verbal agreements involving real property are not valid.

A simple sentence containing a verbal phrase?

Verbal phrase is a verbal with all its modifiers, but short of a subject. For example, in a sentence, "PLAYING TENNIS is a hobby among youth", 'playing tennis' is a verbal phrase.

A sentence for verbal irony?

One sentence that shows verbal irony is "The steak was as tender as a leather boot." Verbal irony is when someone says something but mean it differently.

Math problems dealing with skateboarding?

What do you mean?

What tense does this sentence demonstrate your mother has taught math at the local university?

The verbal phrase is 'has taught.' So, the answer is the present perfect tense. It consists of have/has + the past participle of the verb.

What is a math verbal model?

A math verbal model is when a mathematical model is completely written out in words instead of numerals. There are also no graphs, formulas, or tables as they are simply written out like sentences.

What is a sentence for the word verbal?

He was issued a verbal warning for disrupting the other students.There was a verbal agreement between them.

Does monopoly have math in it?

It's not all based on math, but there is a little math involved, as you're dealing with prices and money.

What has the author Rob Wondrak written?

Rob Wondrak has written: 'Dealing with verbal abuse'

What is the verbal in a sentence?

ask your teacher its not that hard

Do you capitalize the word math in a sentence?

Only if starts a sentence: Math is my favorite subject.If not: I need to study for my math test.

Are verbal agreements as legal as signed contracts?

Verbal contracts can be enforced. However, there are some contracts that must be in writing, such as those over a year or dealing with real property.

Is it maths or math?

Math is the correct spelling for this sentence. Maths can be the correct spelling for this sentence. In other words it depends on how you put it in a sentence. * * * * * English : Maths US : Math