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Veterinarians are medical doctors for animals. In private practice, they help animals become well by examining, diagnosing and treating diseases through medication, training and surgery. When an animal is too sick or injured to be treated a veterinarian can also relieve the animal's suffering either by giving palliative care (similar to hospice care in humans) or by administering humane euthanasia with the owner's permission.

Veterinarians also work in other fields, including food safety, medical research, public health and outbreak investigations.

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Q: What is a veterinarian?
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What is the name of animal's doctor?

VeterinarianWell it depends. For animals, it is a veterinarian (vet). And for human, just a doctor.Veterinarianveterinarian

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A bovine veterinarian, or even a large-animal veterinarian.

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"[v]et" is an abbreviation for "veterinarian" so, yes, you must be a veterinarian to be a vet.

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the math classes you have to take to be veterinarian is the number of classes you have to take to be a veterinarian.

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No - a veterinarian is a veterinarian regardless of the school they trained at. The pay rate is mostly dependent upon the type of practice, the experience and competence of the veterinarian and the geographic location where the veterinarian is working at.

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That is the correct spelling of veterinarian (doctor for animals).

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