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An inground pool is typically lined with either gunite (concrete), fiberglass, or vinyl. Gunite and fiberglass are roughly the same cost, whereas vinyl is considerably cheaper. With the lower price comes less durability, as vinyl lining has to be replaced every 8-10 years or so, whereas the other two can last for decades. Vinyl is also much easier to puncture or otherwise damage.

That said, many people still prefer vinyl inground pools due to the lower cost.

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Q: What is a vinyl lined inground pool?
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Can you replace a 20 x 40ft inground pool with gunite?

If you are talkin about a vinyl lined pool the answer is yes you can.

Is an inground vinyl or fiberglass salt water pool better for the Toronto area?

Inground vinyl is better, their is less exposed part to the oxigene, therefore, last longer.

How can you get wrinkles out of an inground vinyl pool?

== Is the water in?== Once the water's in, you're cooked.

Is a salt water system good for a vinyl liner pool?

Yes there is no problem with using salt in a vinyl lined pool.

What adhesive to use patching a vinyl liner in inground pool?

There is special adhesive for this,sold in pool maintenance stores.

How do you install a light in an inground vinyl pool after it has been covered up?

Call an electrician.

What's the price to repair vinyl inground pool that is severely damaged?

thousands of dollars

Can a vinyl liner pool be converted into a gunite pool?

As long as the vinyl liner pool is inground, it can be converted. But you'll probably have to remove all of the vinyl pool elements until you have reduced the pool to a big hole in the ground and then start from there. All it takes is time and money!

How to to redo my inground pool with something that will last longer than vinyl lining?

what you can do in this situation depends on what is under the vinyl liner now.

How do you change a vinyl inground chlorine sand filter pool to a salt?

Need to rephrase question.

Can dogs put a hole in the deep end in the vinyl lining of an inground pool?

It is highly unlikely.

Where can you find replacement steps for a ladder for a Spartan brand vinyl liner inground swimming pool?

Some pool companys are not in business. most all inground pools have the same size treads..

Can you use saltwater in a vinyl lined pool?

You certainly can. Your only concern may be with the metal components of your pool. Check with the maker of the pool.

What chemical to use to add PH to a vinyl lined pool?

soda ash.this can be purchased at any pool store

Can you add steps in an already existing vinyl lined pool?

It is possible to get steps that can be put into any existing pool

Can an inground vinyl pool be changed to a gunite pool?

Yes, this can be done however, basically the only thing you can use from your vinyl pool is the actual 'hole' and maybe equipment. The cost is not much less than having a new gunite pool built.

Can you shock a vinyl-lined pool?

Sure. We did it every early summer in Connecticut.

Can you wear water shoes in a vinyl lined pool?

yes, do it all the time in mine.

Water totally depleted from vinyl lined pool?

sounds like you have a leak some where

What is the life expectancy of an in ground vinyl lined swimming pool?

10 - 15 years

Can you patch the corners of a 20ft - 30ft inground vinyl pool liner that has big rips?

No. Replace the liner.

Is muriatic acid in a vinyl-lined pool safe at start up?

Yes as long as there is wter in the pool first.

How can you keep your inground vinyl-lined pool from fading?

Keep a cover on it when you aren't using it to keep the UV rays in sunlight from hitting it, but the chlorine will bleach it out, too. Unfortunately, they only last about 10 to 12 years before you have to replace them.

What above ground pool is the best?

a steel panel vinyl lined is probaly the most ecomical

If you currently have a vinyl liner in your inground pool can you remodel it in the future so that it becomes a concrete pool?

Ya can do anything ya desire if ya got the money