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HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) is known to cause Cervical cancer in women

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The ozone causes cancer. It causes skin cancer.

No it is virus is free 100%

A carcinogen is an agent that causes cancer.

A carcinogen is the agent that causes cancer.

Hollywood Causes Cancer has 257 pages.

Lung cancer and mouth cancer.

It causes skin cancer. It also causes eye cataract.

There is no bacteria that causes cancer, or is even implicated in cancer. Cancer is not a bacterial disease.

if there is gallbladder cancer, it can matastasis to breast causes breast cancer.

You can have cancer anywhere there are cells; where there are cells, there is a possibility of a mutation that causes cancer.

Yes they make copies of themselves (the virus) in your body.

No but according to MalwareBytes (Anti Malware) it has spyware.

There are some causes of cancer that you have no control over, such as genetics. There are causes which you can control such as smoking, drinking, and diet.

Some proven causes of mesothelioma cancer are smoking and drinking. You can read more at

The overproduction of cells causes cancer since there is no cell growth regulation. This causes masses to grow uncontrollably and become cancer.

Infection with HPV causes cervical cancer. Only the high-risk subtypes, like 16 and 18, are associated with cancer.

what causes cancer cells to develop

Lung cancer and mouth cancer, definitely.

it causes cancer when polutants are inhaled into your body

Ultraviolet radiations cause cancer.

No. Smoking causes cancer. Gum causes tooth decay if sugared.

Of course it causes cancer! Everything causes cancer. Especially preservatives and artificial dyes that are in most of the foods you eat. Dimethicone is the least of your worries.

Because prolongued exposure to all three substances can lead to cancer. Tobacco use causes lung cancer, alcohol causes cancer of the liver - and UV exposure causes melanoma and skin cancer.

A cigarette is made of tobacco obviously, it is like 90% of the stuff in the cigarette causes cancer. so there is allot of stuff that cause cancer in a cigarette.