What is a vw mk2?

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A Volkswagen jetta/Golf produced between 1985-1992

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Q: What is a vw mk2?
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What is the price for a VW Golf MK2?

The price for a VW Golf MK2 city STROMer was at $34,000. (U.S.) up until its production was ceased in 1985. The VW Golf MK2 had a range of about 31 miles.

What is the top speed for the vw mk2 gti 16v?

its about 208kmt

Will a vw golf mk2 bumper fit your mk3?


Is a vw golf mk2 rear windscreen same size as a mk1?

No it is not

How do you remove a vw golf mk2 manual gearbox?

How do u get the cable into the gear box out

Where is a crankshaft position sensor on a vw golf mk2 gti 16v?

There isnt one.

Where can one purchase a used VW Golf GTI MK2?

One can purchase a used VW Golf GTI MK2 at local car dealerships or websites such as GumTree, Pistonheads, Car and Classic,, and the auction website eBay.

Spark plug gap on vw golf mk2 16v?

if its a 1.8 i believe it is .032 inches

How much does the 2012 VW Golf mk2 cost?

The best way to find the price of the Volkswagen Golf MK2 would be to contact a Volkswagen dealer. The price will certainly depend on the amenities that are desired.

Is there a relay for headlights fitted to vw golf mk2 1988?

Under the steeringwheel on the left side....just above the fuses

How do you adjust fan belt tension on a vw golf mk2?

The alternator is rotated on it's pivot to adjust belt tension.

What is the 0 to 60 time mk2 vw golf gti 16v?

The book 0-60 time on a mk2 golf gti 16v is 8 seconds but like a lot of Vw's figures i found this be quite reserved. A well serviced and looked after 16v should be good for anything from 7.3 seconds onwards.

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