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What is a watershed?

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It's literally a ridge of high land dividing two areas that are drained by different river systems; figuratively, it means a turning point -- a moment in time that involves a decision or event that changes the course of the past and leads someplace else.

In river parlance, it generally means the entire area of land which is drained by a given river. For example, the Mississippi River watershed ranges from the Continental Divide in the Rocky Mountains of the west to the Appalachian Mountains in the east and from the state of Minnesota southward to the Gulf of Mexico. It covers an area of approximately 1.15 million square miles. See the related link below for a map of the Mississippi watershed.

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What is a nested watershed?

A nested watershed is simply a watershed within a watershed. An example might be the Platte River watershed which is a nested watershed within the Missouri River watershed which in turn is nested within the Mississippi River watershed.

Why is a watershed called a watershed?

A watershed is called a watershed as it supply the water in a drainage system.A watershed is a defining moment of insight and claritywhere healing begins and lives are reclaimed

What watershed do you live on?

what watershed does everyone live on

Why is the watershed called the watershed?

A watershed is a defining moment of insight and claritywhere healing begins and lives are reclaimed

Why is after 9pm viewing called watershed?

Docklands had a watershed

Can humans change a watershed?

You can change a watershed by polluting it

What is watershed infarction?

watershed infarction cerebral infarction in a watershed area during a time of prolonged systemic hypotension

Is mount Fuji a watershed?

It is 128 kilometers long and has a watershed of 3,990 square kilometers,so basicaly it is a watershed!^.^

What things are special about the Connecticut river watershed?

connecticut watershed

When was Watershed College created?

Watershed College was created in 1987.

A ridge of land that separates one watershed from another is an?


3 major sub watersheds of the chesapeake bay?

The Susquehana River watershed.The Potomac River watershed.The Patuxent River watershed.

What has the author Jennifer Davis Marx written?

Jennifer Davis Marx has written: 'Scott River Watershed CRMP Council (Coordinated Resource Management Planning) May 1, 1999 to November 16, 1999 and Scott River Watershed Council November 16, 1999-December 31, 1999' -- subject(s): Scott River Watershed CRMP Council (Calif.), Watershed management, Watershed restoration 'Scott River Watershed Council' -- subject(s): Scott River Watershed CRMP Council (Calif.), Watershed management, Watershed restoration

What watershed does clarkston junior high use?

Clinton River Watershed.

Which is the main Watershed in peninsular India?

Main watershed in India - Gaaand

Differ between watershed and river system?

watershed and river system

What is watershed in a sentence?

A watershed is also called a drainage basin. An example of a sentence using the word "watershed" is "The watershed north of the Laurentian Divide drains into Hudson Bay and the Arctic Ocean, whereas the watershed south of the Laurentian Divide drains into the Great Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean. "

What is an area drained by a river system?

The area that is drained by a river system is called a watershed. The largest watershed in the US is the Missouri-Mississippi watershed.

Why is the watershed banned?

A watershed is the natural drainage basin of rainfall. It is not possible to ban a watershed. Possibly you mean the 9pm 'watershed' in TV and radio in Britain, before which programmes with more adult content may not be broadcast.

Where is the biggest watershed located?

The Mississippi River basin is the largest watershed in the U.S

What bodies of water make up the Delaware river watershed?

uranus watershed

What is the name of the watershed that drains about half of the Midwest and Eastern US?

Shale Watershed

What is a sentence using the word watershed?

After the earthquake, the watershed between the small creeks had moved to the west. We are at a watershed moment in the history of human genetic research.

In a gcse geog paper would you label a dotted line around a river system 'watershed' or 'drainage basin'?


What are the boundaries of a watershed?

A boundary of watershed is defined by watershed divide. This is the ridge of uppermost elevation surrounding a stream or network of stream. Rainwaters that will fall outside of the boundary will enter different watershed and will flow to different bodies of water.