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It really does vary from woman to woman. What one really likes another may not like as much.

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What is the the most favorite sexual position of cancer men?

Your star sign has nothing to do with a favourite position

What is the the most favorite sexual position of Scorpio women?

Your star sign has nothing to do with a favourite position

What is Obamas favorite sport?

Womans Gymnastics

Does shaving pubic hair tell a womans sexual orientation?

No, it does not.

How is the position of 69?

"Position 69" is a sexual position. So, lets say the woman is the "i" the dot on the i is her head. The man is the "!" the dot on the exclamation mark is his head. Its like this i! The womans head is near in between the mans legs and the mans head is near in between the womans legs. Its a two for two deal as I would say, the man gets what he wants while the woman gets what she wants.

What is a womans least favorite part of sex?

when they squirt it hurts them

What is the womans favorite food?

big juicy thick horsecock

Who is your favorite WWE diva?

my favorite is mickey James because she has been the longest womans champpion and she is hot

What is the helicopter position?

It's a sexual position. This Q shouldn't be in this category.

Where and when was the sexual position 69 invented?

who invented the sex position 69

Is a woman like womans feet a lesbian?

it depends how she likes feet if you like a womans feet just because they're fun or something idk then no you have to actually have a sexual attraction towards another woman

Can a womans body make a baby without sperm?

No. Sexual reproduction needs genetic material from male and female.

Does it mean a man is gay if he wears womans pantyhose?

No. wearing clothing of the opposite gender has NOTHING to do with sexual orientation.

What does it mean to snog someone?

To kiss passionately which usually involves tongues. In some cases there may be sexual touching such as the rubbing/ stroking of a male penis or the ceasing/ nibbling of a womans breast. Intense snogging will eventually lead to sexual intercourse (sex) which is when a/ many penis enters the womans usually tight vagina.

What does it mean to be taken short?

it is a sexual position

What is the weirdest sexual position?

Pterodactyl style.

What is sexual 69?

It's when people go into a 69 position. It's a sexual position. If you think about it, you and your partners body make a 69 when performing oral sex.

Can Virgins be impregnated?

with the injection of another females live eggs into the other womans vjj or the ''Virgin'' does have sexual activity .... u know

What is Asynchronous flip?

Its a sexual position a woman performs

Is the sexual position 69er good?

Yes it is wonderful.

What sexual position to conceive twins?

It does not work that way.

What is the best sexual position for breaking the hymen?


What is doing a Bryant gumbel sexual position?


What position do you need to be in to make babys?

There is no special position during sexual intercourse to get pregnant. Any position can result in pregnancy.

Is missoinary position safe in pregnancy?

Yes - any sexual position is fine as long as you are comfortable.