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her G spot & clitoris.

# her brain

2010-02-07 22:57:36
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Q: What is a woman's most sensitive spot?
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Where is the females g spot?

It is wherever her most sensitive spot Is on her vagina

What ia a yellow spot on the eye?

The yellow spot or the bright spot is a point on the retina which is most sensitive to light radiations. It is probably called so because yellow is the colour to which human eye is most sensitive.

What are a womans sweet spots?

A sweet spot is akin to a sensitive part on the body. A woman's sweet spot could be the back of her neck, her feet, big toe, behind the ears or anywhere she feels pleasure.

Are womans nipples sensitive?

Yes, indeed they are.

What is the most sensitive part of awoman's vagina?

Her g-spot

What is the most sensitive spot of a woman?

The most sensitive spot of a woman is her heart. Women should always be respected as she is the symbol of love and compassion for her family. Also, women does not like someone who commits immoral sins.

How can you find a womans g-spot?

Usually the only way to find a womans g-spot is to insert you're head inside the vagina and look for it. It is possible to guess where it is, but that only works about 3% of the time.

Who sensitive part of human body in male and female?

Everyone has their own sensitive spot.

Whats a gee spot?

this is the most sensitive part of the body when the body is stimulated. the gee sport can arouse sexual feelings.

How can a woman squirt?

by herself or man hit tha womans g spot multiple times

Where is the mans g-spot?

Right below the head of a penis. It's not necessarily the 'g-spot', but a sensitive spot via touching, licking, etc.

Most sensitive eye color?

The most sensitive eye color is blue. The least sensitive is brown.

What is the comparative and superlative of the word sensitive?

more sensitive, most sensitive

What finger is the most sensitive?

~The middle finger is the most sensitive finger!!!!!!~

What is the most sensitive part of a woman's breast?

The Nipples are most sensitive.

Which taste buds are the most sensitive?

The bitter ones are the most sensitive.

A blind spot in the retina occurs where?

The 'blind spot' is the area where the eye connects to the optic nerve. There are no light sensitive cells here.

Are rabbits ticklish?

No. I tried to see if my rabbit was ticklish, but it turned out he had a sensitive spot.

What is the comparative and superlative of sensitive?

comparative -- more sensitive superlative -- most sensitive

Most sensitive organ in body?

kidney is the most sensitive organ of the body.

Do you spot before you lose your mucus plug?

Some women do depending on how sensitive their cervix is

Why does My cow has a very sensitive spot on his back and won't let me touch him?

Cause it hurts him!

What is the gender for most drunk drivers?

yes because most of the womans can dei for it

Which finger is the most sensitive?

The "INDEX" (the finger next to the thumb) is the most sensitive finger.

What is the most sensitive part of the eye?

What part of the eye is most sensitive to ultraviolet exposure