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It depends; If the Original woman is unbearable, then the other woman is called "The Comforter." The answer is also true to "The other Man." There are no excuses for cheating so she's a "cheater" and so is he. The key word in the question is "someone else's". This connotes possession. Marriage is only a certificate of possession. In most cases, once we possessed someone, we cease the romancing. Romancing should not end with marriage. Upload the song "Wives & Lovers" and learn why there are cheaters and comforters. The agrieved (sp), most often, will always find faults on others and never contemplate that the problem originated from them. Sorry, but I disagree with the above poster. Marriage is what you make it. Living together is no different than being married with the exception of being married under the eyes of God. I have friends (many) who have been happily married for 40 years to 55 years and still going strong. My husband and I will be celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary this August. I will admit there are certainly some bumpy roads we have to go down, but couples work together and commit to each other and it usually works out in the end. My husband and I are extremely close and we share are joys, sorrows and problems and always find a good solution. The problem with many couples today is the fact they don't like to commit to much and are trying to look for excuses and an easy way out. 2. Defining what number the "Divorce Rate" is, however, is elusive and perhaps impossible. There are many different valid measurements. Probably, 40 or possibly up to 50 percent of marriages will end in divorce if current trends continue. However, that is only a projection and a prediction. It does not reflect current reality or the recent past, and things certainly could turn out differently See the Related Link for "Divorce rate" to the bottom for the answer. See the Related Link for "What does The Bible says about Marriage" to the bottom for the answer. See the Related Link for "Adultery" to the bottom for the answer. in Pennsylvania, adultery is technically punishable by 2 years of imprisonment or 18 months of treatment for insanity (for history, see Hamowy)(criminal statute repealed 1972), while in Michigan the Court of Appeals, the state's second-highest court, ruled that a little-known provision of state criminal law means that adultery carries a potential life sentence.[2] In Maryland, adultery is punishable by a fine of ten dollars. I think I'll move to Maryland...

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What is a man called who sleeps with someone else's woman?

In legal terms, an adulterer.

What is a person who sleeps with a married man called?

A woman that sleeps with a married man once is a 'one night stand' and a woman that has an lengthy affair with a married man is called 'his mistress.'

What is a married woman who sleeps with a man called?

The woman is either called a wife, or an adulteress, depending on her relationship with the man.

Is it considered cheating if a married woman sleeps with another woman?

If the man isn't aware of it yes. You are sharing your body with someone else.

Can a woman lose her virginity with fingers?

No, she cannot. She can't lose her virginity with her fingers or someone elses, but only by having sexual intercourse.

How do you tell a woman is a sleeps around?

When she has multiple partners and when she sleeps outside. She also not loyal.

What is a man who sleeps with a married woman?


What do you call a man who sleeps with a married woman?

A cheater

Is a woman concidered a virgin if she sleeps with herself?


What does Katie mean in Italian?

"Woman who sleeps with many men"

What does the sentence A woman is a reproduction machine mean?

she sleeps around

Where can the music he sleeps from the movie Pretty Woman be found?


What is the name of the song in the kissing scene in Pretty Woman?

Originally by Bruce Springsteen called 'Racing in the street'. The piano piece in pretty woman is adapted from that song and is called 'He Sleeps' composed by James Newton Howard. The song however was never actually released. You can listen and buy the piano sheet music here:

What is someone who delivers mail called?

Someone who delivers mail is called a mailman/mail woman or mail carrier.

What is the term used for a woman who sleeps with a married man?

Ideally, 'wife'.

What do you do when a boyfriend sleeps with another woman even if you are on a break?

Move on and get over him!

Can a woman lie about her baby saying it's someone elses but its actually yours?

Yes they could but they are oviously not the right one for you because they lied to you if this has happened to you ask her why and if she a good reason then stick with her

What is little ashes about?

it is about a young man called Salvador Dali who falls in love with a man called Javier Beltran and they create an affair and then Javier sleeps with another woman while Salvador watches

Is joe going out with someone?

He is currently with a man-woman called Lucy

What is a woman employed to drive a car for someone called?

google's mum

Is there a name for someone who is addicted to planning?

Yes, it's called a woman.

What is a woman called if she is straight but is turned on by someone of the same sex?


If a woman sleeps with another woman when she is in another relationship is that cheating?

If the relationship is exclusive and closed, and her partner does not know what she doing with another person, that is considered cheating regardless of who she sleeps with. If she does this with knowledge and consent of her partner, then it is not. Then, it just means their relationship is open.

What is called when someone incapable of have children?

Infertile. Sterile for a man, infertile for a woman. An unkind word is barren, for a woman.

What is female called in French?

A married woman (or someone you don't know) is addressed as 'madam'. An unmarried woman is 'mademoiselle'.