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What is a word for currency exchange fee?

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Commission. Also known as an agio.

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Most currency exchanges charge a small fee. This is how they remain in business.

No, banks do not charge any fee for currency exchange. It is one of the biggest benefits of getting foreign currency from the banks. Also, the foreign currency rates are very competitive in the banks much better than private money lenders.

You should always try and carry local currency when traveling. Exchange your money for pesos. A hotel should be able to exchange your money if you run out, but they will charge you a fee.

You can exchange Budapest currency for US currency at most banks that exchange foreign currency. You can also make this exchange at places like currency kiosks at international airports.

Your placards regarding joining the American Revolution have lost their currency. What kind of currency is used in the Bahamas? Where is the nearest currency exchange?

Probably any major bank. You can walk up to the teller and ask if they'll exchange currency for you. A fee may apply, especially if you don't have an account with them.

You can exchange them at the Currency Exchange. Go to "Catalog" and then click "Trade Currency"

Google has a currency exchange rate calculator as well as xe, x-rates, and Go Currency. Alternatively there are currency exchange rate calculators located at malls where you can exchange one currency for another.

I think 'forex exchange' comes from the term 'foreign currency exchange'. You can exchange your money from the currency of the country you are based in to a currency from another country.

Foreign exchange refer to the act of exchanging one country's currency by a different country's currency. The foreign exchange rate represents the price of one currency in relation to another currency.

You can exchange domestic currency to a foreign currency at a number of places. These places include selected local banks, ATM's, airport exchange, and conversion centers.

The currency in Bolivia is Boliviano and the foreign exchange code of the currency is BOB.

Agio is the term for the premium on money in a currency exchange.

Most coin collection shops will exchange currency.

we can exchange foreign currency of leats of banks

You can get the best currency exchange from the Bureau de Change agents

You may not use the actual dollar bills, but you can either go to a local currency exchange store and exchange dollars for Moroccan Dirhams (MAD). The rate is approximately 1 US$=8.271 MAD. OR you can pay by credit cards and the the credit card company does the currency exchange for you - for a fee of course!

One can find a free currency exchange online system by going to various websites online and selecting the currency option. This will allow you to exchange the currency. is a great currency exchange site to visit.

Yes, there is a Currency Exchange Bureau at Vancouver Airport.

Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange was created in 1992.

Miami Currency Exchange located in Miami Intl Airport Ste B3 is a very reliable and good store that does currency exchange.

They can help you get the best rate of exchanged money if you have a large amount of money you need to exchange. They do charge a high fee for their service, so it is best to have a high amount to exchange.

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