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What is a word for people who protest against others actions?

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People who protest against others actions?

Objectors, dissidents, rebels, disapprovers, demonstrators, or separatists are people who protest against something.

Why did more people not protest against Nazi actions?

the main reason is that they did not want to.

What is a protest?

People come together and "protest" fight for there rights against the government or at jobs.

Why do people protest against animal cruelty?

People protest against animal cruelty because it is wrong and is punishable. Too many people harm animals for no reason and people want it to stop.

Why did people in Venezuela go on strike?

To protest the president's actions and the failing economy.

What does protesting mean?

to protest is to fight against some thing (but not a war) for example people protest against animal testing. (hope it gives you what you need)

Why did the people in the jarrow crusade walk?

the people were walking to protest against the unemployment

How long did people protest against Ruby Bridges going to William Frantz School?

People protest for a while then we she came toschool in a taxi there were'nt and people there.

How did people protest against the Vietnam war?

demonstating at a mass rally

1982's protest against nuclear weapons?

Yes, that was the June 12, 1982 protest in New York City's Central Park. It was a protest against nuclear weapons and for an end to the cold war arms race. One million people attended the protest.

What is an example of freedom of speech?

people can peacefully protest against government decision

What did people protest against during the Vietnam war?

Military conscription (draft).

What did the people of Egypt do to protest against the president?

President Mubarak was president for 30 years straight, and was a dictator. Police would physically hurt people and none of the people had their right of speech. So the Egyptians decided that they don't have a reason not to protest against Mubarak.

What is the intentional breaking of a law by people who want to protest against that law?

civil disobedience

Why did the people of Vietnam protest against the spread of Christianity?

because of the law ordinance 10

How did Barack Obama's actions influence others?

by helping people

How can an individual influence government actions and policies?

An individual needs to be courageous enough to speak out against social injustices. He must look for people who have the same ideals and come up with a petition or peaceful protest to gain acknowledgement.

What were 2 ways in which people took actions against slavery?

What were two ways in which people took action against slavery

Why violence not acceptable in protest?

People can get hurt or killed. People may be breaking the law by engaging in violence. People can make their point without resorting to violence. Violence can often undermine a protest as the protesters will be accused of being bad people and so their protest is not valid. It gives those they are protesting against something to use against the protesters. So for these and other reasons there should not be violence at protests.

Why do people protest against the G20 Summit?

Because they are anarchists who object to ANY rule of law.

Why did Nelson Mandela and ANC protest against the apartheid?

Because they wanted black people to have freedom

Why do people rebel against their own government in Ireland?

There has been no major rebellion against any Irish government. Irish people will protest about things the government do at times, like in any democracy. Generally Irish people are less likely to protest about their goverment that many other democratic countries do. When they do protest the protests are generally very peaceful compared to other democratic countries.

What organization staged protest against the Stamp Act?

The Sons of Liberty protested the Stamp act. People, ramble-rousers like Samuel Adams disliked the idea and urged others to act as well.

Why do many Native Americans and others protest against the Columbus Day celebration?

Because the feel like they would be celebrating the death of their people, encouraging them for taking their land, and celebrating the slavery to the white man.

What were two ways in which people took actions against slavery?