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What is a word that is used only five times in the Bible?


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March 12, 2008 7:09PM

According to the electronic version of the "Enhanced Strongs Lexicon" of the King James Version of the Bible, there are 600 different Greek and Hebrew words that are used only five times in the Bible. Words translated to garden, youth, sand, tail, born, and old are included in the list. These words may appear more than five times in English due to other Greek or Hebrew words being translated to the same English word, but appear only five times in the original languages in the particular tense. Here is an example of a particular Greek word translated as "youth." νεότης [neotes /neh·ot·ace/] Five occurrences; translates as "youth" five times. If you are looking for English words that are only used five times in Scripture, it would depend on the translation you are using. In the King James Version (alphabetically) the first four words I found were abhorreth, Abidan, abolished and abounded the last two were Zuar and Zur. Looking through a good Exhaustive Concordance of whatever version of the English Bible you are using should give you the answers you are looking for.