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What is a word that means 'something spoken'?

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What is a four letter word that means something spoken in 4 letters?


What word starting with pre means something spoken or written as an interoduction?


What is a word that means spoken word?


What is the meaning of tabo?

it means something is not to be spoken about or forbidden

What is the definition of the word spoken?

Spoken means orally said. Speaking in response. Using speech in a specified manner or voice. The past participle of speak. Expressed by speaking. Verbal saying something. Delivered by word or mouth.

What is the word that starts with O and means spoken?


What four letter word means spoken?


What does the word verbalised mean?

Something that is spoken aloud is verbalized.

What word was spoken only 3 times in the Bible?

The word Christian is spoken only 3 times in the word of God... Christian means to be like Christ...

What is a 5 letter word That means in a spoken voice?


What is the word adundance?

Adundance is not a word. Abundance, which you may mean, is a word. It means there is a lot of something. It means there is plenty of something.

Which word means yearn for something?

To pine means yearn for something.

What is a word meaning something out of place?

What word or term means "something out of place geographically?" It would be a parallel to the word anchronism, which means "something out of place chronologically."

What is a Word that means something different?

If something means two different things it means its symbolic.

What word means to tell about someone or something?

someone means a person something means a thing

What does context clues mean?

Context means the parts of something written or spoken that immediately precede and follow a word or passage and clarify its meaning. You can often tell the definition of a word by the context around it.

What is a word that means a desire to do something?

to crave something

What is The African word for hope?

There are something like 2000 languages spoken in Africa. In the Zulu language, the word is Ithemba

What word means to change something?

A word that means change could be evolution.

What is something implied but not spoken?

Tacit defines something implied but not spoken.

What is different between in and on?

The word "in" means you are in something. Mary is "in" the room. The word "on" means you are on top of something. Mary is sitting "on" the desk.

Why language is vocal?

Language is primarily a spoken phenomenon. Many languages do not have a written form, and all languages evolve in spoken form first. "Vocal" is a word that means "spoken".

What is a word that means something children play with?

A word for something that children play with is toy.

What does the word Oral mean?

It means 'by mouth' as in oral medication, or 'spoken' as in an oral exam.

What word means one who reaches out and moves an audience with power of spoken language?

An orator.