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2009-04-09 03:35:24
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Q: What is a word that starts with Q but is not followed by U?
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What word starts with Q but not followed by U?

Qat = Cat

Can you give me a single word that starts with q and not followed by u?

Qi is in the official scrabble dictionary

Does you follow q in spelling a word?

Yes, Q is generally followed by U.

Write a word starting with Q but its second letter should not be U?

There is NO word in the English language whereby the letter q is not followed by the letter u.

If a word has the letter Q in it does it have to be followed by an letter u?

That is a rule in the Spanish language. U follows a Q to make the sylable sound depending on the pronuciation needed. In the English language there is a rule to the letter Q that states that a word starting with the letter Q is allways followed by the U as a second letter.

What word doesn't have a u after the q?

The name of the country Qatar is one. Many other Arabic names have q's which are not followed by u's.

What word starts with j ends with q?

Thats impossible to end in q without "u"

Is there a word that starts with a P and ends with a Q?

this is almost impossible because a 'u' usually comes after a q. so no sorry :(

A word that starts with Q but U is not followed?

Qat. no it is Qwerty. Qwerty is when a phone has texting and it looks like a keyboard. If you also look on the left hand corner, you can see the letters Q W E R T Y see, it is qwerty!

What are the words that have Q in their spelling not followed by U?

it is impossilble

Which is the least letter of English alphabet it is always followed by 'U'?

'Q' is always followed by 'U' in English words.

Does 'q' always have to be followed by 'u' in a word?

In virtually every word of English origin, q is followed by u. There are exceptions for words we use that are not English. Qatar and Iraqi are examples. Because English is a creolized language, there are exceptions to almost every rule, as people learning English as a second language know.

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