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What is a world record a nine year old girl can beat?


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how long does it take for the fastest nine year old girl in the world to run a mile


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You get to tour Willy Wonka's factory. Unfortunately, you wind up blue and nine feet in diameter, and have to be squeezed before you explode. In reality, I don't think there is such a thing as a world record of gum chewing.

19 seconds produced by Hallie Presley a nine year old girl out of Franklin, Kentucky! i was nine and i didnt blink 4 5 mins and 21 secs!i could beat that record easyly!!! Thompson

1 hour and 8 mins is now the record yesssssss

The 2 mile record at my high shool was set in 1945 and was sub- nine minutes. I wonder what was the world record at that time?

As there is no record of the weight of every nine year old in the world it is impossible to say.

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Ed Moses set his first World Record on the 25th July 1976, bettering it in 1977, 1980 and 1983. it was finally beaten on the 6th August 1992 by Kevin Young. Ed Moses held the World Record for 17 years and 12 days. He also was unbeaten in a race for nine years, nine months and nine days.

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Dear user; We would consider an IQ of 147 to be a genius for a nine year old. We checked the Guiness Book of World Records and the current record for a nine year old's IQ is 100. Thank you very much. S+H.

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