What is a woven RFID label?

A woven RFID label is different from standard RFID labels that are attached to clothing by hanging paper tags. With a woven RFID label the RFID functionality is integrated in the woven brand label, which stays with the product throughout its lifetime.

The TexTrace® Woven RFID Brand Label has an interwoven textile antenna and an integrated, encapsulated micro chip to make a passive RFID transponder. The highly sensitive TexTrace antenna yarn forms the UHF antenna. It is fine and flexible enough to be woven and to give the feel of a regular brand label. At the same time it is resistant to the temperatures and chemicals used throughout the textile value chain. The antenna is connected to the TexTrace UHF Gen2 chip module. The TexTrace protective pad around the chip module provides space to print additional information on the backside of the label.