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It is basically an adoption that would not have taken place if the adoptive parents had knowledge of specific information. It could include a variety of reasons, for example the physical condition of the child.

edited to add: I believe there could be alot more involved in a "wrongful adoption." uninformed consent by the first parent. no consent from the first parent. an adoption that happened that didn't need to, where the parent "could have parented" with a little encouragement and chance to do so. A wrongful adoption can be one that shouldn't have taken place for a variety of reasons such as the ones above.

Edited to add: Wrongful adoption as a legal term is not the same as "wrongful adoption" as an opinion. To read more on the legal definition, see the New York State Citizen's Coalition for Children.

Edited to add: The first legal case of "wrongful adoption" was in 1986 when the "Burrs" sued the adoption agency of the boy they adopted in 1964. He had psychological problems and they challenged the courts to have his records unsealed for his file to find out the adoption agency lied to the them about the age and mental conditions of his parents who surrendered him to adoption.

Because they were misinformed of the conditions of his origins and surrendering parents they ended up winning $125000.

There are TONS of cases in our history now where adoptive parents have sued agencies and states for what may legally be called a wrongful adoption, but to this adoptee, feels like "returned faulty product."

The states continues to assure us that children are not commodities, however, returns from mislabeled children, prices varying depending on age and race one has to stop and wonder what HAS this world come to?

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Q: What is a wrongful adoption?
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