What is aba ball on 2k11?

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its a Basketball used in minor league basketball. but you have to unlock it. and you can use it in association mode

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Q: What is aba ball on 2k11?
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How do you toggle the aba ball on in nba 2k11?

Press the arrow button on the controller

What are cheat codes for nba 2k11 on psp?

I know only 1! It's payrespect ITS CASE SENSITIVE! It unlocks the ABA Ball LOL!

Where is the ABA on NBA 2k11?

I don't think there is the ABA but there is a d-league (development league) in the game both in the association and my player mode.

How do you turn on aba ball?

hit the left stick right when your highlighted on the aba ball in codes

How do you get to play with the ABA ball in nba2k11?

You have to use the cheat payrespect in codes or cheats. This will unlock the ABA ball when playing a game.

What is ABA ball in nba2k11?

In a game instead of using the normal coloured basketball there is the ABA ball you can get it if you type in 'payrespect' in codes or cheats. The ABA ball has different colours i think it has blue, white and i think red as well.

How do you save the ball from going out of bounds in nba 2k11?

Press X running towards the ball.

What are the cheats for NBA 2k11?

2kchina=unlock china team PAYRESPECT= ABA ball 2ksports=VC 2k sports team nba2k=NBA2k Development Team vcteam=VC Squad icanbe23=Unlock MJ: Creating A Legend

What is Justin Bieber's favorite game?

His favorite game is Nda 2k11 (a famous basket ball game series).

What are NBA 2k10 cheats?

to get the aba ball type payrespect

What does the aba ball do on NBA 2k7?

It is a red, white and blue ball that used to be used in the 60s

Is their any cheat codes for nba 2k11 or Madden 11?

Yes there are cheats for NBA 2k11. There is icanbe23 which unlocks mj creating a legend. 2ksports and 2kchina unlocks the 2ksports team and the china team in an exhibition match. payrespect unlocks the ABA ball. Some of these cheats only work on PS3 and Xbox 360. I don't play madden 11 so i don't know any cheats.

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