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acceleration is the rate at which the velocity of a body changes with time.

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What is acceleration and retardation?

acceration means rate of change of velocity and if that acceration is negative then it is called as retardation

What are the 2 big differences between inner and outer planets?

inner planets:-smallrockyformed by the acceration of hot asteroids,metals,etcouter planets:-largemade up of ice and gasformed by the acceration of ice and dust

How do you find the acceration formula?

stop with the science stuff and go out and attempt to become a popular kid

Difference between negative and positive acceration?

Positive acceleration ==> speeding up Negative acceleration ==> slowing down

At a constant velocity of 3.0 e 7 km per hour what is its acceleration?

The acceration is 0, because the velocity is constant.

What is the acceration due to gravity?

Near Earth's surface, the acceleration due to gravity is about 9.8 meters per square second.

What is centripetal acceration in physics?

That means acceleration towards the center. For example, this happens any time something moves in a circle.

What is the net force when acceleration is zero?

Assuming no friction, if acceration is zero then force would be zero, Force=mass x acceleration

When is acceration due to gravity is -9.81?

When you're on or near the surface of the Earth, and you've decided to call the upward direction positive.

How do you find the magnitude of a free falling object?

force= mass (kg) x acceration(m/s2) meters per second sq.

How can you improve acceration on your 2003 Honda accord ex v6 coupe?

increase the air flow to your engine. the cheapest is probably a cool air intake

At what rate does gravity cause objects to fall?

The "rate" varies with time, on (near) Earth the acceration is 32 feet per second every second.

Have there been any safety problems with the Toyota Rav4?

The most current safety issue with the Rav4 is the acceration problem. This is common with almost all toyota models.

What would cause Vw golf 1.6 mk4 auto to hold back on hard acceration?

maybe maf sensor on air pipe unpulg it and try it and if it feels better u need a new one

Your car sounds like a boat when acceration?

If you were trying to ask "Is it bad when your car sounds like a boat during acceleration?" Than yes it is not very good, check your muffler and poor water in the engine block. Happy to help

What is the average acceration of the particle within the time intreval of 1 secound to 3 secounds?

There is not enough information to answer this - it could be anything, depending on how the particle moves.

What is meant by de-acceleration?

de acceleration just means slowing down. Acceleration means speeding up. Actually any change in speed is considered to be acceleration. Slowing down is called negative acceleration or (de-acceration) and speeding up is called positive excelleration.

Which example describes constant acceration due only to a change in direction?

Centrepetal force-orbits E.G. Earth orbits the sun at a constant speed but also changes its direction, thus its velocity. This means that the almost constant change in velocity causes there to be a constant acceleration because of the change on direction.

Why does my 1994 Chevy s10 makes clicking noise from rear consistent with acceleration click click click click let off gas and its fine?

Your exhaust pipe has a broken bracket and the tail pipe is rubbing up against the frame of the truck and vibrating based on your acceration. Does sound go away in neutral or park?

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