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What is acrimony?

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Acrimony is a state of bitter hatred towards someone or something.

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What is a sentence with the word 'acrimony'?

There was a long history of acrimony between the rival teams.

What part of speech is acrimony?

Acrimony is a noun.

What is an example sentence for acrimony?

this loud music is the reason. Reason for my Acrimony.

Can you put acrimony in a sentence?

Example sentence for the noun 'acrimony':A heart filled with acrimony will not bring happiness or satisfaction.

Can you give me a sentence for acrimony?

The speaker attacked him with great acrimony

Acrimony in a sentence?

The acrimony in her voice when she asked for the right, was intolerable for others in the group.

What is a sentence with the word acrimony?

"There was a long history of acrimony between the rival coaches." "Some Greeks held considerable acrimony toward the Turkish residents of Cyprus."

Give me a sentence for acrimony?

Her acrimony over losing was unlike her, she is usually a good sport.

A sentence with the word acrimony?

There was a lot of acrimony involved in their divorce, but they remain cordial for the sake of their children.

What does acrimony?

meand s

Would you Name all the landmarks of the scapula?

acrimony process

What words end with the suffix -mony?

testimony, acrimony, matrimony

What is an 8 letter word starting with a and ending with y?

actually activity acrimony

What is a synonym for acrimony?

unkindness, rudeness, malice, harshness, bitterness, virulence, animosity

How many syllables are in the word acrimony?

There are four syllables. Ac-ri-mo-ny.

Give the Synonyms for the word ill feeling?

acrimony, animosity, bitterness, rancor, resentfulness, spite, malice

What is the noun form of acrimonious?

The noun form for the adjective acrimonious is acrimoniousness.A related noun form is acrimony.

What is the answer to the Jumble Puzzle August 1 2009?

Lack of alimony can result in this. Answer: ACRIMONY (demon, loony, bronco, facial)

What is the possessive form of words?

The possessive form of the plural noun words is words'.Example: Her words' acrimony drew the attention of everyone.

What are synonyms for bitterness?

resentment, hostility, indignation, animosity, acrimony, rancour, ill feeling, bad blood, sourness, acidity, sharpness, tartness, acerbity

What was the reason for Fibonacci's name?

His parents and paternal grandparents all had that name, so he decided that it would avoid a lot of confusion and acrimony if he just used the same one.

What is a synonym for sarcasm?

The primary synonyms are mockery, ridicule, contempt, or irony. Others could include invective, acrimony, rancor, or satire (but these all mean specific things).

What words start with a and end with y?

Any, Anybody, accessory, accordingly, annually, acrimony, actually, actuary, adultery, aery, arguementively, adventurously, agony, ahoy, and many more.

What other word can be defined as enmity?

The nouns acrimony, hostility, and animosity can be synonyms of "enmity" (ill feelings, antagonism), often an expression of mutual hatred between opposing sides.

What are the words starting with 'a' and ending with 'y'?

any ably actually activity acrimony antinomy antipathy antiquary apathy apostasy apothecary abbey adversity anomaly arbitrary